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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Katamari Art, Posters, DOMO & LIGHTS! (5 Months)

Dag yo! So, it’s time for yet another blast from the past. This time I bring to you what HandsomeBeast requested last week . . . posters and miscellaneous! Hahaha! =P I also do have some VERY special Katamari Damacy art as well. Once again, these things have been acquired over the past 5 months or so from things like EB Games’ pre-orders or just them having them to promote games, some eBay “friends,” and a few other odds and ends tossed in. You’ve also got an appearance of some DOMO stuff and some autographed stuff from the super awesome and fantastic LIGHTS! This may not be my most “exciting” haul per se, but hopefully you all enjoy it. Before that though, keeping with tradition . . .

Hey y’all! The Xbox 360 is totally, hands down, the best system ever! I’m totally not some bias, piece of shit troll, since I totally own a PS3 and Wii as well. But if you can learn from my preaching and admit the 360 is totally better, then I guess we can be friends. If not, it’s YOU and totally not me (since I’m NEVER responsible for anything and if you point out anything that I don’t agree with, you’re totally against me and you’re totally wrong) who isn’t grounded in reality and stuff. Plus, you guys totally don’t know what a “community” is, where it’s not the people that are always on the site, conversing with each other, and are cordial to one another. It’s totally about bringing your friends from outside the community, having them totally just obey you cause they’re just as totally not retarded as you, then vote or lobby on community run things for you. Also, if they commented on like one of two of your own blogs, they’re totally part of the site and all guys! ^_^ On with the show!

So, about 4 month ago or so, quite the awesome posting happened on the front page of the site. This advertised some freaking awesome original artwork from the Katamari Damacy series! A couple dozen artists came together and put up their art for sale for a fundraiser. I was keeping an eye on a few of the auctions and I ended up winning this awesome framed piece. It is titled – Nik and Noby Noby Boy Have Some Lunch – and some information about it can be found here. It was done by Jason “JFish” Fischer and his site has some pretty crazy stuff on it. I was a fan of this piece since it totally refers to Katamari Damacy, but isn’t obnoxious or blatantly obvious about it. I also really like food and seeing the ball of food just made it so I couldn’t resist! I get original artwork, a great cause got some money, and everyone ended up happy! ^_^

Also, apparently if you read the comments in the Dtoid article I linked to above, fellow community member king kong five apparently won one of the auctions as well. I’ll try to contact him into seeing which one he won!

Along with the art, I also received some art/comics from the artist as well. Isn’t the cover of the left booklet one of the most AWESOME things ever? It’s a freakin’ unicorn . . . RIDING another unicorn . . . jumping over a rainbow!!! Then there’s the comic on the right that has some of the craziest things going on it in, but is nothing short of awesome! I need to get some more original art is what I’m thinking . . . for when I have a place with a lot of empty wall space . . . >_<

Now we move into poster world, which starts off with a Call of Duty: Black Ops Reversible Poster that was a pre-order bonus at my EB Games. It’s actually a lot nicer/cooler than I original expected. I’m a big fan of the engraved gun and the obscuring of the face on both sides. Plus, for a Treyarch made game, it’s actually pretty damn good, which is I found to be a very big and good surprised.

Now we’ve got a triple dose of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Posters. Once again, they were obtained from my EB Games and were given to customers who bought the game, on a first-come first-serve basis. The quality of paper they were printed on is pretty nice, plus they’re full of color and detail. They’re all from cutscenes in the game and represent each race, Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. Even though I’m a Protoss fan, I’ll have to say that the Zerg poster is probably the coolest, mainly because of Kerrigan, but also because of how the Hydralisk is pretty much like her dog. =P

Regulars know that I have some eBay “friends” per se, and regulars also know that I freakin’ love the Kingdom Hearts series. With that in mind, I managed to contact one of my eBay “friends” that happens to also be a VIP at industry events like PAX, which is where this VIP PAX 2010 exclusive Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Poster came from. It’s printed on really nice, thick . . . paper, which means it doesn’t have a glossy finish but is still very nice.

Jumping back to Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, here is yet another poster with titular hero, Jim Raynor, as the main focus, only this poster was a fair bit more rare as it was I believe only a retail employee poster. d(‘-‘d) I really need some wall space . . . -_-‘

So, once again my eBay contacts come in handy, as you’ll see this Dead Rising 2 poster has some “scribbles” on it. This poster was actually given out at PAX 2010, but you only got it if you didn’t get 250 zombie kills to get the Chuck Greene Bobble Budd, or in the case of my friend Ashley, if you “broke” the game. =P Still, getting back on topic, this poster original at the San Diego Comic-Con. I have this little piece of awesome with Keiji Inafune’s [Executive Producer] signature in black, and Shinsaku Ohara’s [Producer] in silver. Awesome? Totally!

Back to VIP PAX 2010 exclusive posters . . . eBay connections are awesome once again. Even though it wasn’t on the showfloor, here is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword PAX 2010 Poster, as Nintendo has actually had different versions of posters at each big event to give out to certain members of the press. This was probably my favorite design out of all of them, and is printed on glossy thick paper!

You know what game comes out in a few days . . . MAHVAL BAYBEE . . . MAHVAL! While it may not have as many characters as I would’ve liked (they’ll come, just as DLC unfortunately), I have been waiting for this to come to fruition for a VERY long time. Once again, we have a high quality, thick stocked, glossy poster of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds SDCC Roster. I really need some wall space . . .

It’s simplistic, didn’t cost much at all, and fairly limited. So, here we have a Donkey Kong Country Returns PAX 2010 Poster. Once again, it was only given out to VIP members of the media, and acquired through eBay. Believe it or not, I’ve actually PLAYED the game, and it’s nothing short of old school fun. My only gripe is the bullshit timing you need to get the higher bounce off of an enemy! =P

So, during my last semester of university, I was actually around when the poster company Imaginus came. Their website sucks, but it seems they go to all the universities in Canada throughout the year, selling some pretty sick posters for pretty cheap. The last time I was actually around to buy some was like 5 years ago when I went to school out east in Waterloo. Still, enough with that story, what you’re looking at is a poster from THE BEST show that was on TV . . . Arrested Development! I miss it so very much . . . *tear* . . . T_T Stupid tards at FOX! >_< And if you think for a moment about my claim about the show, do you think the guy in the $3,000 suit is going to even think about listening to you . . . COME ON!

Yet another poster to add to my other memorabilia of only the BEST sports team around . . . my beloved Red Devils . . . Manchester United! GLORY, GLORY, MAN UNITED! =P Suck on that Ali D! ^_^

Seriously . . . there is way the hell too much AWESOME going on in this picture. I mean it’s original trilogy, it has freakin’ BOBA FETT, a rancor, the Executor, do I really need to go on? I also got another Star Wars poster along with this one, which spans all 6 movies and is like almost like a timeline, but it’s like seriously almost like 5 feet across, and it’s still sealed . . . so maybe another day.

I still say that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the best of the series and that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was too gimmicky and broken. That said, this montage-like poster really blends a lot of elements together well, plus it was like $4, and for that price . . . come on? =P

Now we have a Kirby’s Epic Yarn Static Cling that I was gifted, along with a big sticker of Kirby to go along with it. I wonder if Jim Sterling is jealous yet? Hahaha!

Pretty much the same as the last picture, but only no sticker this time, and it’s for Donkey Kong Country Returns.

For a bit more non-gaming stuff, we have some super ballin’ DOMO Indoor-Outdoor Party Lights I picked up from a super kickass store (Reboot Inc.) that specializes in figures, comics, and DOMO-like stuff! You can check out some of the awesome stuff they have on their Facebook page! I also managed to pick up the Lemon Yellow (Edition of 1,250) 4” DOMO Flocked Vinyl Figure from last year’s series. The owner who is cooler than cool that he’s ICE COLD, has pretty much the entire second set being ordered in for me! Thanks Dan! ^_^ To it off, how could you possibly say no to a Mr. Toast Plush? =)

Nothing overly special here. Just a World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Poster I snagged when I picked up the game. They had a big stack of them for anyone who pretty much bought anything.

Here’s another World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Poster. I guess you could say this is the “authentic/traditional” one, as it’s devoid of any retailers on it and is pretty much the cover of the game. To end this edition though, I have to mention that World of Warcraft is pretty much one of the favorite pastimes of one of my favorite music artists . . . who is so awesome, down-to-earth, undoubtedly gorgeous, and just all around awesome . . . of whom I got to see and meet back in October . . .

LIGHTS is the best! ^_^ Don’t care what you say, think, etc., she’s awesome! =P Twas awesome going to her concert, meeting her, and chatting with her for a brief few moments. The best part about it was that she is literally the same person regardless of the situation. She embraces what she likes, is always upbeat, and treats everyone with the utmost kindness, even though some of her fans can be a little crazy, hahaha! She also has a guild on one of the World of Warcraft servers, so if you’re thinking of joining one, I’d say you should join that one! Also, I was originally not thinking of posting this picture, since (well those of you who have met me) I look way more stupid than I normally do, hahaha! Plus I’m thinking the double shirts I’m rocking make me look fat! >_< My goal was to try to not look too excited and try to make a “normal” face, but that totally didn’t end up happening. -_-‘ Still, I decided to post it so some of you could have some fun at my expense, plus LIGHTS’ killer smile shines through in this picture! d(‘-‘d)

I also picked up her self-titled EP, which I for some reason found hard to find until the concert, and she even signed it and my ticket as well! =3 I’m pretty sure she’s finishing up her second album right now, but you can listen to her first single, “My Boots” by clicking here!

Shortly after her tour, she put up some limited edition, signed posters up for sale on her site, so naturally I jumped on this quick and got number 93/200! I’ve seen some of the other posters from other fans, and she made all of them unique with different hearts, smiley faces, etc. I’m pretty happy with the heart, but have to question why there’s the “serious” face in it . . . hahaha! =3

Well that does it for another edition of A Compulsive Collector’s Haul! Sorry for the 2 week absence, but I’ll hopefully be able to have another one up tomorrow, since the blogs have been FULL OF FAIL lately, which is really depressing. I think I’ll do “new” games tomorrow from the past 5 months or so, so if you’re interested in that, be prepared. Also, Japan pictures are still coming, I promise! Until next time, latez mates!
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