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Contestoid: And the winner of the Master Sword is...


Here's the poem once more:

Giant babies are scary
But I'm not afraid
Zombies are too
But I'm not scared
Strange rooms are confusing
But I'm still here
Cuz' all I need is my water gun
To make the zombies go away

To the victor go the spoils. RenegadePanda, please PM me the mailing address where you'd like me to send the prize, and even though it'd be pretty funny in hindsight if you had me send it to the chief of police for a small town or something, please don't use this opportunity to get me put on any CIA watchlists.

I'll be ordering the sword for you on Friday evening, and barring any unforeseen postage mishaps, it should arrive for you sometime in the week afterward.

This was kind of fun, and I think I'll work up another contest sometime soon.

Thanks to everyone for entering, and I personally extend my condolences to Caiters. I thought you should have won it, but unfortunately I'm going to stick by the voting and even I, the dude buying the thing, am only allowed one vote.

So everyone give a congratulatory round of applause to RenegadePanda.
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