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CEARK'S EPIC Full Game Collection Lightning Review Part 2

Wow I actually typed so much that it cut off my blog. That's definately a first for me; never happened even during the most epic cblog recaps back in the day.....
anyway here's the rest:

-*Devil Survivor, *Strange Journey (NDS)
-Persona: Revelations, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (PS1)
-Devil Summoner: Raido Kuzunoha vs the Soulless Army, Devil Summoner: Raido Kuzunoha vs the King Abaddon, Digital Devil Saga, Digital Devil Saga II, Nocturne, *Persona 3, *Persona FES, *Persona 4 (PS2)
-Persona, *Persona 3 Portable (PSP)
Shin Megami Tensei is another name that has a cult of fans following it, myself included. Most of the games are really really weird. They all involve summoning ďdemonsĒ in some form or another. Itís kinda like a grown up pokemon. The big names (and the best IMO) are obviously Persona 3 (and ever incarnation of it) and Persona 4. If you havenít played Persona 3, I HIGHLY recommend the PSP incarnation of it. Itís damn good. Check out the FES version for some closure.
Out of the non Persona titles, I really really enjoyed Devil Survivor and Strange Journey, the two titles on the DS. Devil Survivor is a hybrid TTRPG that follows a linear novel formula. Strange Journey is likely built on the same engine that made Etrian Odyssey and the Class of Heroes games.

-Silent Hill (PS1)
-*Silent Hill 2, *Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4 The Room, Silent Hill Origins (PS2)
-Silent Hill Homecoming (PS3)
-Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Wii)
Perhaps the most well known of all psychological horror games, Silent Hill needs little introduction. The series as a whole is filled with meaning far deeper then whatís on the surface, and the idea that horrors of Silent Hill are crafted from your worse nightmares and your deepest guilts. Silent Hill 2 is consider the best of the series by many, myself included. I really did enjoy 3 and 4 as well (despite the fact that many people hated 4). Silent Hill 4 had many similarities to Fatal Frame 3 in that you had a ďhome baseĒ of sorts, that was slowly invaded. Plus Eileen is hot.
Origins I havenít played. Homecoming I thought was fairly decent, but overly difficult with no option to scale the difficulty. I beat Shattered Memories, but Iím not really sure how it fits in the bigger picture. Shattered Memories was average at best.
-Siren (PS2)
-SIREN: Blood Curse (PSN)
Siren is a fairly unique horror game. This game has very little to do with killing or fighting the enemies and every bit about the fact that...really you canít do shit. Youíre given the ability to see the world through the monsters eyes, and using this info, you have to make your way through levels without getting spotted. The first one on the PS2 was just ungodly hard, and I think was trying to achieve something that just couldnít really be done well on that hardware at the time.
The PSN Siren however, got it right. The game play was fairly tight. Granted the story was a little cheesy, but the spook factor was definately there.
Star Ocean
-Star Ocean: The Last Hope (XBOX360)
-Star Ocean: Till the End of Time(PS2)
Yes another series of JRPGs. Let me just state that Till the End of Time is god damn bullshit. The game itself was ok, but to be thrown a bullshit ending like they did in Till the End of Time....I donít think Iíve ever been so pissed off. The ending was the biggest crock of shit ever, so do yourself a favor and donít bother with this game.
The XBOX360 game on the other hand, was much better. It is by no means, however, memorable. Itís worth a playthrough if youíre antsing for a JRPG, but I wouldnít go out of your way.
Street Fighter
-Super Street Fighter II Turbo (3DO)
-Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV (PS3)
-Super Puzzle FIghter II (PSN)
Itís Street Fighter....
Oh and I donít buy Capcomís stupid reason for release the same damn game twice. Capcom is usually great about listening to there fans, but man they fíd that one up.
Oh and puzzle fighter. Man Iím glad they released that. That was a favorite back in the day. Only think I hate about it is that I have to tweak the color settings on my TV to play it.
-Suikoden, Suikoden II (PS1)
-*Suikoden III, Suikoden IV, Suikoden V, Suikoden Tactics (PS2)
The first Suikoden game I played was actually 3, and I think it was excellent. It was a little on the slow paced side, but it was definitely fun, and playing a game with 3 conflicting protagonists was an interesting way to present a narrative. The Suikoden JRPG series revolves more or less around collecting 108ish (yes 108) party members and building up a home base and saving the world kinda stuff. IV and V were terrible let downs. I got bored with Tactics. I havenít played I, II is so-so (alot of people like 2 the most though). If your only gonna try one, Iíd say play number 3.
Super Monkey Ball
-Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2 (GC)
This is basically digital labyrinth with monkeys in gerbil balls.
-Tales of Symphonia (GC)
-Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Wii)
-Tales of Vesperia (XBOX360)
-Tales of Legendia(PS2)
Tales is a JRPG series done by Namco. Like FF, most of them arenít directly related. Tales does an interesting thing in that itís battles arenít turn based however...they become more like side scrolling brawlers (or 3D for Vesperia). The mood, tone, and writing of most of the Tales games is to ďcutesyĒ for me to enjoy. The japanese idea of cute and serious just donít mix well my book.
Vesperia is the exception to this in that itís...really really solid. I wouldnít quite give it my full recommendation, but itís borderline there. If your looking for a different then usual JRPG, give Vesperia a shot.
Tomb Raider
-Tomb Raider: Underworld (PSN)
-*Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (XBLA)
Iíve never been big fan of Tomb Raider games.
Underworld is kinda buggy, and feels really unpolished.
Surprisingly, despite not being a fan of the series, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is one the best downloadable games Iíve ever played. It has really solid gameplay, and the overall look is highly polished. Itís EXTREMELY fun to play with your spouse. We actually completed every challenge in the game and unlocked every weapon. Good times.
Tony Hawkís Pro Skater
-Tony Hawkís Pro Skater, Tony Hawkís Pro Skater 2 (PS1)
-Tony Hawkís America Wasteland, *Tony Hawkís Pro Skater 3, *Tony Hawkís Pro Skater 4, Tony Hawkís Underground, Tony Hawkís Underground 2 (PS2)
-Tony Hawkís Project 8, Tony Hawkís Proving Ground (PS3)
Tony Hawkís Pro Skater is one of the few ďsportsĒ games that Iíve actually enjoyed (if you can call it sports...itís somewhat....exaggerated). The series is really long running. Unfortunately, the pinnacle of the series is THPS 3 and 4. The many iterations after that are just not worth your time.

-*Uncharted, *Uncharted 2 (PS3)
Uncharted is one of the reasons to own a PS3. The game borrows, mix and matches from many different things to create a beautiful hybrid that is enjoyable from beginning to end: Itís platforming abit of Prince of Persia, the shooting like Gears of War but more fun and no stupid frat boys, and puzzle/adventuring of Tomb Raider. Top it off with stellar art direction, gorgeous visuals, and fun characters (Elena is one of the most positive female roles in video games...ever. She attractive without being absurdly exaggerated, and sheís NOT USELESS).

-*Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)
-*Valkyria Chronicles 2 (PSP)
Valkyria Chronicles shares something in common with Dead Space: itís one of those rare gems of a game you buy with no real prior knowledge, no high expectations going in. A game you buy thinking itís just gonna sit on the shelf and youíll never really finish it. Then you go in to the game are your absolutely floored.
The game itself is a beautiful pastel rendered war game that thatís turn based. Itís what Operation Darkness SHOULD of been. The player gets a certain amount of points, and each turn move that many units on the map. By selecting a unit on a map, you zoom down to that unit for specific control.
I heard the creators said that VC2 was theyíre best version of the game yet, but I disagree. I think while elegantly presented, VC2s limitations prevented it from achieving the epic feeling of VC1. I highly recommend both for play though.
Valkyrie Profile
-Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (NDS)
-*Valkyrie Profile (PS1)
-*Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria(PS2)
-*Valkyrie Profile Lenneth(PSP)
VP is another not widely known JRPG series. Based on a very loose interpretation of Norse mythology, you explore your world in a side scroller fashion. The battles are a somewhat complex mechanic that Iím not gonna get into, but rest assured itís alot of fun if you enjoy thinking about timing. This series is very niche, even for JRPG fans, but I definately recommend trying it if you havenít.
Wild Arms
-Wild ARMS 2 (PS1)
-Wild Arms 3, *Wild Arms 4, Wild Arms 5 (PS2)
-Wild Arms XF (PSP)
Wild ARMs, yet ANOTHER JRPG series. This oneís basically a western for the most part. Also, Wild Arms 3 is the only thatís any good. Donít waste your time with the rest of them. Especially not 4 and 5 (there terrible).
-*Xenogears (PS1)
-Xenosaga 1, Xenosaga 2, Xenosaga 3 (PS2)
Another JRPG series, this ones laden with alot of biblical stuff in itís mythos. Also, Xenosaga is terrible. Xenogears is pretty good, but the 2nd half just sorta...happens. Itís like they ran out of time to finish the game properly.

-Zelda I, Zelda II (NES)
-*Collectors Edition, *Wind Waker, Twilight Princess (GC)
-Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks (NDS)
If you like Zelda games, you like Zelda games. Thereís really little else to be said.

The following section is the leftovers...stuff that I didnt' review for various reasons:
-Football (Atari)
-Great Baseball, Great Football (MS)
-Bases Loaded, Bo Jackson Baseball, Golf, Jack Nicklausí Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf, John Elwayís Quarterback, Tecmo Bowl (NES)
-Fifa International Soccer, John Madden Football 93, NBA Life 96 (GEN)
-Fifa International Soccer, John Madden Football, Olympic Summer Games Atlanta 1996, PGA Tour Golf Ď96, Quaterback Attack, Slam Ďn Jam Ď95 (3DO)

Games that I havenít played, Donít Remember Playing, Don't Want to Play, Might of Played Some...maybe, and Probably Wonít Play Anytime Soon:
Most of these I've played some of....but I just don't remember enough or haven't gotten deep enough into them to right anything about....
-Pikmin, Pikmin 2, Streets of Rage 2 (GG)
-Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (PSP)
-Puzzle Chronicles, Tekken 5, Tori Emaki (PSN)
-Guwange, Hexic HD, Lucidity, N+, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, Omega Five, Rocket Knight, Triggerheart Exelica (XBLA)
Sin and Punishment (VC)
-Alpha Beam with Ernie, Berserk, Combat, Demons to Diamonds, Fishing Derby, Kaboom, Keystone Kapers, Kool-aid Man, Laser Blast, Math Gran Prix, Moonsweeper, Outlaw, Solar Storm, Space War, Spiderman, Star Raiders, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Surround, Tooth Protectors, Video Olympics (Atari)
-After Burner, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Altered Beast, Choplifter, Fantasy Zone II, Gangster Town, Ghost House, Ghostbusters, Hang On & Astro WArrior, Hang On & Safari Hunt, Missile Defense 3-D, OutRun, Penguin Land, Pro Wrestling, Quartet, Rambo III, Rampage, Rocky, Shinobi, Space Harrier, Spellcaster, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy III, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Zaxxon 3-D, Zillion (MS)
-720 Degrees, Back to the Future, Bill & Tedís Excellent Video Game Adventure, Blades of Steel, Circus Caper, Cobra Triangle, Commando, Double Dribble, Faxanadu, Flying Warriors, The Goonies II, Gun.Smoke, The Karate Kid, Kid Icarus, Low G Man, Mach Rider, Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival, NARC, Operation Wolf, Puzznic, R.C. Pro AM, Rescue The Embassy Mission, RoboCop 2, The Rocketeer, Rygar, The Simpsons Bart vs the World, Shooting Range, Spy Hunter, Star Force, StarTropics, Super Pitfall, T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage, Top Gun, Top Gun: The Second Mission, Total Recall, Track & Field, Track & Field II, Trojan, The Uncanny X-Men, Wheel of Fortune (NES)
-Ecco: Tides of Time, Jurasicc Park, The Lion King, Rocket Knight Adventures, T2 (GEN)
-3DO Buffet, Ballz: The Directorís Cut, Brain Dead 13, Crash ĎN Burn, The Daedalus Encounter, Flying Nightmares, Foes of Ali, Gex, Phoenix 3, POíed, Psychic Detective, Samurai Shodown, Scramble Cobra, Shockwave, Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate, Shockwave: Operation Jumpgate, Wing Commander III, Zhadnost: The Peopleís Party (3DO)
-Alundra 2, Bomberman Party Edition, Ehrgeiz, Jojoís Bizarre Adventure, Jumping Flash! 2, PoPoLoCrois Monogatari, The Raiden Project, SaGa Frontier, Star Gladiator Episode 1 Final Crusade (PS1)
-Perfect Dark (N64)
-Capcom Fighting Evolution, Crimson Skies High Road to Revenge, Full Spectrum Warrior, Knights of the Old Republic, Knights of the Old Republic II, Psi-Ops, Serious Sam, Soul Calibur II, The Suffering, SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom, Thirteen (XBOX)
-Sin and Punishment Star Successor, Tatsunoko VS Capcom Ultimate All Stars (Wii)
-Maken X (DC)
-Arcana Heart, Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny, Baroque, Destroy All Humans, Eternal Poison, Haunting Ground, Mana Khemia Alchemists of Al-revis, Manhunt, Metal Saga, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, Phantom Brave, The Red Star, Rygar the Legendary Adventure, Shinobi, Steambot Chronicles, Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, Unlimited Saga, -Viewtiful Joe, Way of the Samurai (PS2)
-Battle Fantasia, Deathsmiles, Perfect Dark Zero, Project Sylpheed, Need for Speed ProStreet, Ninety-Nine Nights, Saintís Row, Saintís Row 2, Spectral Force 3, Zoids Assault (XBOX360)
-Battlefield Bad Company, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, Gran Turismo 5, Just Cause 2, MotorStorm, Prototype, Ridge Racer 7, The Simpsons Game, Soul Calibur IV, Tekken 6, Tom Clancyís Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Unreal Tournament III, Virtual Fighter 5(PS3)

Games that I donít know where they game from, and I donít want to even know vaguely what there about due to the awful title and I should probably just burn it for my own safety:
I Want My Mommy (Atari)

And that is my full lightning review list as of this moment. Got something you wanna discuss? Agree? Disagree? Think there's something on here I should give a 2nd chance? Lemme know.
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