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Groundhog Day: Take me away

The idea of taking your current self and just dropping you off in some strange, exciting new world. How does that make you feel? Are you excited? Are you scared? Are you intimidated?

In 2007, I was just recovering from a very traumatic situation. One of my friends, who I had a crush on at the time, was raped and the person who did it was put in jail for only a few months. And I handled the situation horribly; I tried to help her but I kept getting so angry at how she acted that I'd yell at her and call her names, and I'd make her cry. Then she decided to hide from me before I'd ever get a chance to say I was sorry. In fact, this is only time I've ever talked about this to anyone, other than my mom, so yeah. It was....devastating. All in all, I was my worst enemy. But in 2007, I moved to where I live now, Southern Indiana-ish.

But at around this time, a certain game came around. And this game, really, really helped me through the tough times.

The Gameplay of Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy takes place in real time combat with several side quests and different games/things you can participate in. Once you get the travel visa towards the beginning of the game, you're able to fly around to all different planets doing stuff.

You can take up bounties for really tough fiends in return for money and items. I spent probably the most time on this, because of the fact that they were optional bosses so they had the opportunity to be harder. That way, the only person you could blame for fighting such a hard boss was yourself. Not to say the regular bosses weren't hard. Look back up when I talk about Jupis. I mean dang. I used up like every potion I had.

The customization system for weapons is incredibly simple but just works so well and is kind of comedic in the beginning. You have to take two weapons and use them until they're a bit worn, and then a frog will eat both weapons and spit out a combination of the two. It sounds a bit dumb, but I had a blast just feeding this frog weapons and watch him chew them with such cheesy sound effects.

There's a factory in which you make series of furnaces, pipes, ovens, converters, technology stuff, etc. I never really used it, to be honest. It was incredibly confusing to me, but the stuff it could do was just glorious. It had the capability to make a legendary sword. I never really tried it though because making the simpler stuff was already eons ahead of me. Video below shows the work gone into making one thing.

There's something called the Insectron tournament, which I never really got into myself, but it was there if I ever wanted to. Once I beat the game I have right now (Dead Space), I'll probably end up going back to play the Insectron tournament and using the factory to just see what I missed. The Insectron tournament is a mini game where you first set up traps for insects to go into across worlds and capture bugs. Then with those bugs, you go into the Insectron tournament, where you play a chess-like game with bugs.

Despite not using the factory much or not playing Insectron, I still had fun with the side quests. Mixing together new weapons to see what I get, taking on a giant bounty, crawling around dungeons, all of this really drew me out of the world I was in and took me somewhere completely different. And I appreciated that.

In Conclusion...

I'm...honestly....really disappointed this game didn't sell that well in the U.S., in comparison to the sales in Japan. Maybe the reason I liked it so much was the reason of how I was feeling?....Naaah, this game is still amazing. If I could get a Memory card for my PS2, I'd probably turn it on right now. This game really drew me out of the slump I was in and kept me playing for roughly 100 or so hours. I've only done one playthrough though, which is kind of weak for someone like me. Maybe I'll run into some money soon and be able to afford a memory card.

Rogue Galaxy, take me away.
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