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First Person Shooters: A Success Story


You know the guy. He preorders black ops a year before it's release. He talks to all his friends about his epic moments in CoD. He buys all the DLC. Yeah, well that used to be me. And I'm, quite frankly, ashamed of it.

My...FPS success story began at the release of Black Ops. Not because Black Ops was good, but because when I first played it, I thought to myself, “This is MW2 again.” Sure, there were gameplay tweaks here and there, but I just didn't give shit. Most of what they did was customization. I thought the money system would be okay, until I realized that after one match, you could buy any gun you wanted with all the customizations you wanted and would ever use. I remember finishing matches with 11,000 COD points and realizing how damned easy the game was.

So I lost all faith in CoD. I was alone. Nothing to shoot. All I had on my PC (In terms of FPS) was MW2 and that was just black ops. Well, I had TF2 but that game became utter shit after hats. Mw2 was bearable in the sense that it sometimes felt like an upgraded Black Ops. I actually had to do a lotta shit to unlock something. But the community really pissed me off with their constant flaming/spamming. So I was alone.

Then December came along with the beautiful steam sales. I just got a new 1.5TB HDD, so I figured not to let it go to waste. I don't have credit/debit cards yet, so I had to use prepaid visas and shit. And they offered Bad Company 2 for $7 on the one day I didn't have a prepaid card. So I missed that. Then a few days later, they offered Battlefield 2 complete collection for about $5. Figuring I missed out on BC 2 for good, I bought it. A few days later, BC 2 was $7, and I bought it.

I was playing and enjoying BC 2, but my PC could barely handle it. Did I have fun even though my PC sounded like some sort of motorboat with lots of shrapnel floating within it? Yes, yes I did. But after a while, I got sick of seeing and enemy, having my game freeze, then un-freezing and I'm dead.

Sick of CoD, and tired of my PC being unable to handle BC 2, I turned on Battlefield 2. I went and played on a map called “Strike at Karkand”. I constantly died from grenade spammers and claymores. I was getting so god damn pissed. I mad. I was mad. So I exited the game, thinking that this game is worse than CoD in terms of gameplay.

And if anyone wants to join me, the steam name is TaxableBat.
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