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Call Of Duty: First Strike Contest Winners!

Well guys, I figured there would be no point in holding off one more day and decided to announce the contest winners! But first let me say this because like any good contest thrower guy I have to pad this baby out! But before you do, check my previous blog. I only threw it up yesterday and it's a love fest in tribute to Occams, so if you missed it head there now!

I asked you what your favourite Gun and Perk was so let me answer my own question. All this stuff is in reference to Call Of Duty Black Ops since it's my first Call Of Duty and the one I play the most. So my favourite perk is "Ghost" because it keeps me off the radar. Combine that with a silencer on any of my guns and I'm almost virtually undetectable on the map. Getting the drop on my enemies is a huge advantage.

My guns however rotate between 3 different "favourites". They're all basically set for 3 types of gameplay. The AK74u is made more for my "run and gun" style and with a Grip and Rapid Fire it's one of the more powerful and versatile guns in the game. My "middle of the road" gun is the Famas w/ Red Dot Sight, which if you know how to use it, is great for face to face showdowns and distance shooting. Then for the bigger maps unless it's just not working out for me I roll with the AUG w/ Reflex sight. The AUG is really good for distance shooting so long as you remember to shoot in bursts...something that due to the frenetic pace of Call Of Duty I sometimes forget.

Okay Okay enough stalling...and the contest winners are....


Funktastic! Dag Yo!


Nyktharas! Hell Yeah!

Log into your Destructoid account and check your inboxes. I've sent the codes there! Congrats guys and enjoy the points! Thanks to all those who entered and props to Beyamor for almost winning with his answer alone...like both cards almost kind of winning...like "oh you" kind of winning...

Also apparently I need to send a friend request to Funktastic and Wrenchfarm so that's coming soon! Take care everyone!
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