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Occam's Package! (Picture Heavy, one is NSFW)

A while back whilst sitting in a session of whatever the hell it was we were playing at the time, Occams Electric Tooth Brush casually announced he'd be sending out some packages to some of us fine folks here at the Destructoid. As you all know, Occams is quite the character here on the Destructoid blogs and thus the ideas began flowing on what he'd be sending out. Would I finally get a physical copy of the decoder ring he gave me so long ago, or would what he'd sent amount to more than mere Decoder Rings or more Decoder Rings. Read on to find out and BE WARNED....this blog is PICTURE HEAVY. I'm sorry but Occam's Package couldn't be contained to like a few pictures.

Occam's Thank You Letter that promises "All The Tacos" won't come between us. I just hope that means that at some point I will be getting Tacos. I think we can take down a Taco Army and long after you quit, I'll keep on fightin' the fatty fat fight!

Now I'd like to get a little serious. Occams or "Hugh" if you prefer is a pretty cool guy. He didn't have to do this for anyone but he enjoyed doing so. That makes him a pretty swell guy and someone I hope to be enjoying the company of for whoever long it takes for two people to get bored of coming on this here Internet. He's a pretty fun and warm guy and I'm lucky to have gotten to spend some time with him to chat and just discuss life and games with. You owe it to yourself as a member of this community to seek him out at some point and do the same! So as best I could, I salute you sir and thank you for the kind words and the fancy trinkets!
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