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Occam's Package! (Picture Heavy, one is NSFW)

A while back whilst sitting in a session of whatever the hell it was we were playing at the time, Occams Electric Tooth Brush casually announced he'd be sending out some packages to some of us fine folks here at the Destructoid. As you all know, Occams is quite the character here on the Destructoid blogs and thus the ideas began flowing on what he'd be sending out. Would I finally get a physical copy of the decoder ring he gave me so long ago, or would what he'd sent amount to more than mere Decoder Rings or more Decoder Rings. Read on to find out and BE WARNED....this blog is PICTURE HEAVY. I'm sorry but Occam's Package couldn't be contained to like a few pictures.

All the way from some place called LA. Where's LA? Why Los Angeles of course, no wait...there are two LA's? Oh one's a state the others a city. Well atleast we can all agree that the band "The La's" have nothing to do with this package. Bad joke is bad...

Look at this haul, where do I BEGIN? Trading Cards? You're speaking my language Hug 'O Bear..err Occams! Zombie related materials? Could a 13 year old Indian boy ask for anything more? Check this out.

At night when I sleep, two Zombie action figures from the hit Resident Evil 2 Toy Biz line watch over both my Beatles records AND The Starship Enterprise!

Update: Sadly, on a night like any other, the Zombies were enticed away by the promise of brains only for one of my cats to enter my domain without permission and destroy said Enterprise standee. The Zombies were put on suspension where Zombie Cop pulled rank on the Scientist and got him busted down to Sargeant so fast his head spun.....FOR DAYS.

The good news, that awesome Imperial Party Pin (or IPP for those who hate remembering things) has an honored spot on my latest awesome hoody or LAP...which really is just my new striped hoodie. Either way I need more pins. The BAD news however is that I don't own anything awesome enough to ever perminantly behold the presence of this Harvey Dent sticker.

Yes, I quite literally am Gangsta Tim Curry.

I once bought a box of those Marvel Cards in bulk but I thought the asking price was too high, either way these cards are amazing. I hadn't become aware of the Dinosaur Attacks! cards until a few years ago. Whether he threw them in for fun or just knew I absolutely love Non-Sports Trading Cards. By the way I'm pretty sure that's John Landis on the right in that "Comics Con Catastrophe!" card.

Predator! I won't lie, I absolutely pooped in my pants the moment I saw that Predator 2 mini poster, which details the weaponry used by The Predator. I also am not going to lie and upon skimming through Wolverine Revolver before reading thoroughly I honestly thought he was playing Russian Roulette with Xavier....tee hee.

This next part can only be described in pictures....well except the end...I'll talk about that.


Hugh is a pretty thoughtful guy, not only did he want me to have fun trying not to choose a wrong path fraught with possible danger, he wanted my adventure to be colourful and vibrant and adorned the book with Lisa Frank Stickers! The Underground Kingdom doesn't seem so dangerous now, infact it seems rather silly now that Occams has made sure Ballerina Princess Bear helps to guide me!

Right Back at you Mr. Morrow! My Cthulu will see your Cthulu on the playground afterschool!

Unfortunately I haven't listened to this in a while. Perhaps now is a good time to throw it in the Computer CD-R drive and see if good 'ol GraceNote can figure out what the hell is ON this CD. All I know his Occams Eclectic Jukebox is what he should have really (no not really, yes...really) called himself. Though Erasure IS on this CD so that's all that matters.

Occam's Thank You Letter that promises "All The Tacos" won't come between us. I just hope that means that at some point I will be getting Tacos. I think we can take down a Taco Army and long after you quit, I'll keep on fightin' the fatty fat fight!

Now I'd like to get a little serious. Occams or "Hugh" if you prefer is a pretty cool guy. He didn't have to do this for anyone but he enjoyed doing so. That makes him a pretty swell guy and someone I hope to be enjoying the company of for whoever long it takes for two people to get bored of coming on this here Internet. He's a pretty fun and warm guy and I'm lucky to have gotten to spend some time with him to chat and just discuss life and games with. You owe it to yourself as a member of this community to seek him out at some point and do the same! So as best I could, I salute you sir and thank you for the kind words and the fancy trinkets!
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