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Groundhog Day: Back to the world I love

Have you been reading a single one of my blogs? If so, you probably can guess what game I'm going to mention. If not, then I guess this will come as a bit of a surprise.

Hardly ever, there's a game in which I hold so dearly to my heart that I take criticism towards the game in a very negative manner. I can accept criticism well from any game except for one, because the game itself means so much to me. It's as though someone's picking on a family member, despite the geeki-nes of what the hell I just said. I can come back to the game as much as I want, and never get tired. I've already spent about roughly 700 hours on this game alone (100 hours per playthrough and about 7-8 playthroughs)

That game.
Final Fantasy X.

The Gameplay

The sphere grid. Aaahh, my favorite form of customizing my characters. I can make anyone do anything with enough time on my hands. And why not? Teach everyone white magic and never die. Flawless plan. The game just seemed to be perfect in terms of gameplay. It took the good ol' turn based gameplay and added loads of customization. I could customize my weapons, armor, aeons, overdrives, etc.

There were also enough unlockables to keep me entertained for quite a while. Going after the perfect weapons, capturing the fiends, and collected Al Bhed dictionaries kept me busy for a long time. Finding all the treasure chests in the temples, getting Anima, buying Yojimbo, getting the magus sisters. Something about all this just pulls me in. I'm usually not all into collectables/unlockables in video games, but this just seems to do it right.

The Quick Time Events for the overdrives was perfectly done; you could beef up your attack or not, depending on your skill at it. The puzzles were a bit challenging, but nowhere near impossible.

Everything about the game is just perfect.

The Music

One of the things I loved about FFX was the music. Something about it just went right with me. Now I know, I can talk for pages about my love for FFX, but I'd rather let these videos do the talking.

The music is beautiful. Even after all this time, it's still brand new. No game has ever come close to the level of FFX music, in my opinion. Nothing remains in my head more than these tunes. They induce such high thinking about everything. Zanarkand theme makes you think of the sadness that's happened, while the besaid theme aims for a more light approach and makes you feel a bit satisfied, whereas Some day the dream will end makes you feel really sad about everything that's gone wrong in the beginning, but then gets a bit better.

In conclusion....

This game is my favorite of all time. The characters, the story, the gameplay, the music, the graphics, the cutscenes, the customization, the exploration, the scenery, the everything.

I do plan on replaying it again soon, even more so due to thinking about it because of this blog. However, next time I play it, it's going to be the international version, so I can have the advanced sphere grid and so I can fight penance.

Even with the advanced sphere grid and penance taken out of FFX NTSC-U, it's still one hell of a game. My favorite, of all time.

Also, this blog is 3 pages long. So I guess it's necessary to include this

TL;DR: FFX is amazing.
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