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Fray: In the future, guns go pew. (From Concept to Art, part deux)

Hey Dtoid! Long time no see :) Been pretty busy at Brain Candy land, working on a demo we would like to present at the GDC, so it was tough to drop by and give you guys an update, but here it is!

Today we would like to show some of our work on weapon design. Weapons in such a scifi game as Fray are a very important part, both esthetically and gameplay wise. In terms of style, we have many different types of weapons, ranging from the classic military weapons, to some more exotic and improbable, and we will be revealing more as we move along in the development!

We are currently implementing the military weapons in the game, so low poly versions around 2 to 4k, but we also have to create high resolution renders of some weapons, for our trailer and website.

Well I hope you enjoyed these, coming up soon is the release of our teaser movie (FINALLY!), our website and we continue working as we get ready to unveil the game at the GDC at the end of february. Til next time folks !
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