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Let's take a look at my first ever C-blog post.

Bored, and at work, the lonely Toneman takes a trip down memory lane. He hearkens back to the days when the C-blog was just a baby. Back when there were no newfags posting useless shit. Back...to the year 2007.

Seriously, I often get nostalgic with Dtoid. She was my first love, constantly nagging me to hit F5 for fresh new updates. We've been through a lot together. I lost my virginity with my laptop opened to Dtoid on my partners chest. One time I almost made out with a dude simply because he promised to show me a brand new Rev Anthony review. Turns out it was his Twilight Princess review, so the deal was off. Anyways, I thought I'd share with you my first ever C-blog post. Waaaaaaaaay back on May 31st, 2007. Almost four years ago, most people here probably weren't even on D-toid at that time.

So I got my copy of Ouendan 2 last week and I've been pretty much playing it non stop since then. For those of you that don't know, Ouendan is a rhythm and music game by Inis, the people that created Gitaroo Man and more recently, Elite Beat Agents. If you're played EBA, you already know how Ouendan works because it's the exact same gameplay. The main difference is that Ouendan has Japanese pop and rock music rather than the American songs found in EBA.

Anyways back to my point, this game is addicting and I often find myself humming the tunes all day. The music just seems much better than the mixed bag that was EBA. In addition to the better music, Inis also added local Wifi play, which was missing from the first Ouendan, as well as 'hidden mode' which makes the game harder by removing the timing circles. All in all it's a damn fine package worthy of your dollars converted to yen. So if you're like me and enjoy the gameplay of EBA, but aren't really a fan of the music, you may want to consider picking this game up. You can snag either Ouendan 1 or 2 for about $45 at your favorite import store.

Wow. Truly a masterpeice...OF SHIT. Goddamn I was a terrible writer. Seriously, I wrote that shit? What the fuck was wrong with me? This is the last time we take a trip down memory lane if that's the kind of crap I posted. I mean, Ouendan is badass, but that writing.......was I twelve? Sorry to put everyone through that.

Shit writing aside, if you haven't already, you should still totally buy Ouendan.
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