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Games that should be made: Devil May Cry 5

(In my “Games that should be made” articles I take a look at some game series, which in my opinion, should get a proper sequel. I'll be taking a look at the original game, deciding which elements are the best, which parts are just fucking horrible and all what stuff + I'll be drawing some rough sketches to help you understand my vision. Of course, It is just MY opinion, so don’t go ape shit, if you simply don’t agree with me.)

Oooh boy, we’re into some serious shit now. Devil may cry 5. I don’t even know why I picked that one for my first article, especially considering how touchy people are about this topic since the DmC announcement. And yeah, there is a thing what I should tell right from the start – what I think about this DmC reboot. Because, otherwise, it's like the elephant in the living room, that nobody mentions. There it is, sitting on the fucking couch and nobody says a word. And…………..I don’t hate it. It’s just doesn’t seem necessary to me. You need to reboot the franchise if, let’s say, previous games were bad, and you kinda want to distance from that shit as far away as possible and start from the scratch, or if the franchise was dead for quite a long time and you want to update it for this generation and try to repeat success from the old days. But Devil May Cry doesn’t fit in any of these categories. It is still a very popular, well known series, with a huge fanbase. It consists only of good games, well, with exception of the second one, it was decent. Yes, DMC4 wasn’t a “game changer” like DMC1 and DMC3, but it wasn’t a bad game by any means. You don’t need to change everything so radically, Capcom. This kind of lazy development reminds me of Fable 3. Now, what a fucking masterpiece that was. Fable 2 was a good game, but it had some flaws, what needed fixing. But Peter Molyneux and his team decided to go the easy way – not to try to learn something from past mistakes and fix them, but simply redone everything (except graphics, of course). “People say there are some bad things in my game, well, let’s just replace everything with something new and hope what there are no problems this time”. And I don’t really like Capcom giving away their titles to the non-in-house development studios. It’s a 50/50 thing. Sometimes it’s good like Dead Rising 2, and sometimes it’s Dark Void. I got a little carried away. So, even after all I said about the DmC, I’m still curious to see how Ninja Theory going to pull it off. But for now, let’s dive into my vision of the sequel what should’ve been made instead.

First things first –it should be a sequel, not another fucking prequel. Just enough, ok? And it should not break the continuity. Devil may cry 2 was a pretty average game, and not on par with the others in the series, but in fact it is a part of the history, so you need to aknowledge it. In the end of the Devil May Cry 2, Dante goes to the demon world. Now, that’s some great fucking concept. Demon world as a setting for Devil May Cry , I don’t know, it feels so right. Of course the demon world doesn’t need to be like a giant hole with lava in it, where should be cities, giant castles, in other words, distinguishable locations. It should be more like Bayonetta. Creative designs, insane set-pieces, a lot of action, things flying everywhere – intense shit, you know. Actually, I think it would be cool to start a game in some kind of a demon bar, you know. A demon-hunter enters the bar full of demons and orders a drink. And, of course, after that, demons attack him and dante doing what he does best – kicking ass. It’s resembles the opening of DMC3 and it’s really a thing what Dante would do. And since we started to talk about Dante, which version of him we should keep? I mean, Dante from 1, 3, 4 is kinda the same, but at the same time is different in each game. In the first game he was badass, but also serious when he needed to be. In the second game he’s a silent type, who likes to flip coin and act like he is on the funeral 24/7. But he still can be cool sometimes.

In the third game Dante is young cocky bastard. This is the most popular version of him. In the fourth one Dante still have his cocky attitude, but he’s older and more experienced now. And throughout the whole game it feels like Dante can take out anyone in a single blow, but he's just fucking with everybody. And this Dante, in my opinion, is perfect for conquering the demon world. As for the story in general, it should be simple, without pointless romance. The villain can be some new demon emperor, or maybe Mundus. Yeah, return Mundus. He was a very classy villain. As for Vergil, Trish, Lady, Lucia and Nero – I don’t think all of them really needed in sequel, besides the portal is closed and Dante trapped in the demon world. But if we’re gonna resurrect Mundus, we can somehow return Vergil as well.

Gameplay is all what Devil may cry is about. So it’s kinda important not to fuck it up. And so, the safest way to avoid doing that – is to took gameplay core from the third one and upgrade it. But not like they did in DMC4. 2 things why – replaying the same levels with different character is not a very exciting thing to do; giving dante all styles at once is a bad move, because player would feel overburdened. Once again, I think what DMC5 should be crafted the same way Hideki Kamiya’s Bayonetta was. Only without QTE, because Devil may cry games never had them, and always were only about gaming skills, about what player can do himself. There should be epic set-pieces, different locations, hard as fuck bosses and CREATIVITY, GODDAMIT! And put some secret weapons, secret locations, many interesting unlockables. We love when after you finished the game, there are still a lot of reasons to return to it. As for the other gameplay changes – add more variety to the enemies. For example, put some demons with time-controlling powers. After you kill one of them, he explodes and slows down every other enemy on the screen. Kinda like the gorgons from God of War 3, or like these exploding dudes from DMC3. And as you can see from my sketches, I really would like to see the return of Alastor as a main weapon.
Well, I don’t have that much to say about the music in the game.Just give us more of this

and less of this

Oh, and keep Reuben Langdon as a Dante’s voice actor.
Art Direction
I won’t be doing “Graphics” category, because what am I supposed to say about it? “Graphics should be great”? Nah, that’s just sounds silly. The art direction is more important. Of course, mine rough concept sketches are not supposed to represent the real art direction in DMC5. It is just my vision, after all. It should be more gothic like DMC 1, 2, 3, but with a little bit variety like DMC4. And I really would like to see Kazuma Kaneko doing designs for Dante’s Devil Trigger again.
MAKE IT HARD. Make it like “Dante must die” hard. I don’t think what every game should be challenging. For example, I’m perfectly fine with Kirby’s Epic Yarn(which was more about exploration and trying to get gold medal on every level, instead of just beating the game). But action games like DMC, should be difficult. I know where is a lot of debate on how difficult games should be. And some people say what games should be fun, but not difficult. It’s not that “black and white”. A casual game can be fun, and a game what more about experience itself can be fun. The same way the challenging game can be fun, because of its difficulty. Action games like first person shooters, shmups or beat em ups should be challenging, in order to be fun. And Devil May Cry is no exception.
So, that’s my vision of the sequel what will never be made. Tell me how YOU imagine Devil May Cry 5 in the comments.
Let’s all just hope that DmC is actually not that bad. I think, we should give a chance.

I know, it wasn't a very detailed look on what DMC5 should be, but I'm kinda busy right now with other projects, so it's the best I can do. At least, for now.
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