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Games that defined my childhood #1

I plan for this to be a mini-blog series to look back upon what games primarily made up my childhood and growing up.

I grew up with video games. My oldest memory was holding a gameboy color in my hand, or playing Nintendo. My family didn't really want to rely on video games for me to be distracted, but when my parent's got a divorce, my whole family started going through troubles. And at that time, me and my brother were just kids. So, I figure these video games they got for us were a pacifier and weren't just used to shut us up, but to also keep us from really knowing what was happening.

But these games really stood out in my eyes from my childhood. In no specific order, really.

Turok Rage Wars (N64)

I've pondered the best way to summarize this game, and what comes to my mind is; The CoD before CoD. I say that because it felt like the game was based solely around multiplayer, it's a shooter, and it's a good one. You customize your weapon loadout, go into battle, and start hacking and slashing away. And for a time like the N64 age, it actually tried to balance the weapons strength. I say that, because of things like your main weapon. You can choose the Assault Rifle or the Minigun. If you were to choose the Assault rifle, it'd do decent damage and with enough hits, the enemy would die. But if you picked the minigun, you'd only have so much ammo; you'd be out in seconds. Miniguns killed quicker but ran out of bullets quicker, but Assault Rifles do decent damage while having a better amount of bullets than the minigun.

Growing up, I played a lot of FPS games, but this one was probably one of the more memorable. It just seemed to do so well on it's own, despite it's main attention towards multiplayer. Remembering me and my brother playing this together on the N64, it was great. It was like our national pasttime. After chores, N64. When we wake up, N64. After School, N64. Just for Turok Rage Wars.

And I still remember, to this day, how I got my nintendo 64. Our assignment in school was to write a persuasive letter to someone asking them for something, and then draw a picture of you with what you asked for. I was always a terrible artist, but I drew me and my brother playing on a N64, and so my letter was about an N64. Come parent-teacher conferences, we got our N64.

I was spoiled.
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