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wow... ok ill go right ahead and just say it.


why? well it has Dynasty Warriors in portable HD. Jim approves of this. This is the sickest portable system in the world.

Touch the enemy!


woooow.... MGS4 on the NGS O_O! SICK!!


All jokes aside... I am really, REALLY, frigging impressed. The graphics are sick, the new technology behind it is sick, the gameplay on Uncharted and MGS4 looked just as if you were playing on the PS3, you can now stalk gamer girls that play near you... what else can you ask for!?

"7:34AM Hideo envisions using the exact same game on the PS3 and the NGP. You play the game on your PS3 at home, and out and about you play the same game and same save on your NGP. A beautiful dream, indeed. "This dream is going to come true in the near future, and right now I'm working on this project. I'm sorry right now I can't disclose further information, but I'd like to present what we're doing at E3."

7:33AM Hideo caveats that the clip was actually pulled straight from the PS3 version and rendered on the NGP, which is rendering it at 20 fps. Naturally some graphical reductions will happen for any actual title on the NGP, but it's still pretty impressive."

DAAAAMN!!!! Holy #%!?%[email protected]%@!?%&*G)@#*%.... PLAY GAMES ON YOUR MAIN SYSTEM AND THEN TAKE THEM PORTABLE!!!!! AGHHHHHHH I CANT TAKE IT!!!!! This is the next fkucing LEVEL!

"7:36AM Showing Unreal Engine 3. Starting with the same Citadel demo from the iPhone, but taking it a step further, with a full living environment and realtime-rendered characters."

"Ryan Clements: Dungeon Defenders was meant for the PS3 but was moved over to the portable. And nothing was reduced in the process. The team could make the move over in just one week of development time."
"7:37AM It looks about iPhone 4 quality, but obviously there's a bit more going on in the scene."

ughh... im foaming in my mouth.... ugh.... nothing else can be surpased than this....

"7:41AM "I'm delighted to announce that Call of Duty will be coming to NGP." Surprise!"

7:42AM "When you consider [insert all of NGP's features here], the possibilites are endless."

Ryan Clements: A list of devs is shown, including Grassopper, IREM, Level 5, Namco Bandai, Square Enix, Ubisoft, 2k Games, Rockstar,

ok so after everything that was shown... I have to say that the N3DS is nice... but its childs play compared to this. I would gladly pay $300-$350 for this... If I can play my PS3 games and put them in here to play remotely the same game, that has absolutely a priceless value that doesn't exist.

A couple of key comments from IGN's report that I thought were the highlights of the event:

Ryan Clements:�
Epic rep comes out. Tim Sweeny. They show a trailer of the Unreal Engine 3 running on the device.
Kojima notes that he will reveal the company's plans at E3 this year.
Kojima wants to create an experience where you can play something on the PS3, then put it on the NGP and take it with you and resume your experience.
Kojima is talking about the possibilites of the device.
Think Infinity Blade on drugs.
I don't want to sound like a broken record, but the visuals on these titles is something I've never seen on a portable device before.
Trailer shown that displays an opening scene of MGS4 running on the NGP. THis is absolutely ridiculous.
Oh snap.
Hideo Kojimi takes the stage. People get excited.
Takeuchi quotes as saying, "The stick feels... greeeaaaat!"
Capcom, SEGA, Tecmo Koei, Konami, Epic, Activision.
Kaz is inviting some game creators onto the stage.
Tapping on the avatar shows the games that user was playing recently. This is like a Google Map for gamers, showing when, where, and what people are playing. So much information!
People around you that are gaming are displayed as avatars. So you can actually see where people were.
The Near app records the footprints of your travel, and tracks it.
This gives users the ability to see where their friends are, and what they're playing. All live.
Next in the lineup, Location-based services.
Because the NGP is always connected to the internet by 3G, you'll always be connected.
This UI is absolutely incredible. I never get excited about UI, but I'm actually pretty pumped for this tech.
There's even builty-in message boards thaty you can access.
Impressive stuff, friends.
Sony has developed a "micro-analog stick" which was developed for this platform.
It's just showing Drake standing there in the jungle. Yoashida tilts the device at a wuide angle and shows how the viewing angle is so broad, while the image remains clear.
Sorry I swore back there folks, IGN does not endorse foul language.
Game looks really, really nice. Only a few touches less impressive that Uncharted on the PS3.
Now we get to see Uncharted in action, on the actual portable
I am crying at my desk right now. So. Excited.
Visuals look absolutely stunning.

Via Engadget & IGN
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