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My Extremely Huge Backlog

I have no idea if it really is 'Extremely Huge' but I thought this would be the best way to find out....

Hey gang, I haven't written anything non Friday Night Fights and even then, I haven't written one of those either. This is partially due to me being one lethargic motherfucker. The other being my PC is in the shop....again. Is it any wonder I'm never going to be a PC gamer? Anyways, just for the sake of my sanity and to see how extremely behind I am I thought I'd list the games I have yet to get to but own anyway because I have "video game purchase addiction". Only myself to blame on that one though I am making a dent (beat X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night badda bing). Thankfully my purchase list for this year is pretty small, and even with alot of great games on the way, either alot of them are games I can live without (or atleast till a later and cheaper date) or Marcus is buying (Dead Space 2 for example) but enough jibba jabba, here is the "get the fuck on that already" list for this year and the impressions of the game from what I have played.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

I had been interested in this since it was first announced. Especially since the gameplay of the "Noir" Spider-Man seemed to mimmick that of Batman in Arkham Asylum. I've yet to play more than the introduction as "Noir" but it seems alright. However this game was on sale for about 35 so I picked it up and I gotta say I'm not all that impressed. It's definitely more combat based and still retains some use of environments, the "Shattered Dimensions" aspect is cool but I gotta agree with everyone else, Free Roam worked better for Spidey

The Force Unleashed II

I can't comment too much on the game. To quote SuperMonk4Ever though "I don't care if this gets me banned from Dtoid but Force Unleashed II was a really great game!" and I gotta say with DLC for a mere 1$ punt kicking Ewoks for that price is a real treat (plus a whole 60$.....shut up). The demo was alright, and I've always liked the bad assery that involved tossing Stormtroopers even if the Force Grasp is still horribly broken in II as it was in the first game. Besides, now you can use Jedi Mind Tricks. What's not to love?

The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition

I looked for this game like a mad man, Sure I already had a copy of the regular game on PS3 but I figured now was a good as time as any to find the Ultimate Sith Edition....only to find that finding the Ultimate Sith Edition was ridiculously hard to find. Seriously, I found a copy at the very last place I went to that night and I still only walked out with the discs inside a regular cased version of the game. Either way my reason for re-purchasing was partially due to me never beating the first, plus the fact that it came with all the DLC. No way was I paying 30 dollars for all that DLC to go on my HD when I can find it all in one package and keep it off the HD. Plus I really dig the whole "what if" scenarios the DLC represents.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Want to know the best part of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men? The sheer tomfoolery of shooting my brother then reviving him then shooting him again. Too bad this "best part" is something I can experience on a ton of other Co-Op experiences nevermind the second Kane & Lynch game. Let's face it, Cliffy B said it best recently on Twitter "a bad game with a good story is still a bad game". That's essentially Kane & Lynch: Dead Men which surely does better tell the story of these two criminals than the second but gameplay cannot be ignored when it comes to how awful it is. It's kind of funny to see Jim Sterling rip apart Kane & Lynch 2. He makes some valid points but gameplay wise, the second is a much smoother experience.

Crackdown 2

I honestly wouldn't have bought this for anymore than what I got it for....which was 20 whole dollars. Then recently I found a bunch of copies for 15 dollars and bought some for my brother and my friend. Seriously, this game wouldn't be nearly any fun had I not. There's something about a mediocre game that atleast is made slightly better by the fact that you have a friend to blow shit up with. That's essentially what Crackdown 2 is, a bland experience overall made more fun by aformentioned blowing shit/each other up with various vehicles.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

I don't know why I didn't mention this sooner, but I think it has everything to do with my brother having my copy right now. Playing online with Steezy and SuperMonk has been a blast. It's definitely something we need to do again. Sure we've mentioned the poison abuse of Monk but you know what's really annoying? Steezy's amazing grasp of climbing. I swear even if some people say they've improved it I can say they really have not with the exception of those rope thingy's that send you straight to the top of a building in a few seconds. The grappling and climbing is still shit and that's why I can never catch Steezy! DAMNIT STEEZY! DAMN YOU FOR BEING SO GOOD! I dabbled in the single player for a little bit but in all honesty, I'd be happy just playing the Multiplayer. It's pretty fun.

Red Dead Redemption

If you've ever read any of my old blogs I talked about playing Red Dead Redemption way back when on the PS3. I've since abandoned that copy for the Xbox 360 version if only so I could shoot other people on the game since I've found more people to play with it on the 'ol 360. Though now I'm finally in Mexico and I'm getting really into the character. I will admit, I kind of found the very beginning of RDR to be quite the chore. I'm not sure I really enjoyed it. However as missions passed and Marston started his assault on Fort Mercer, the game became way more fun to play. Now that I'm in Mexico during an event in history I will say I'm really enjoying myself. You know you have a good character when you do like I do and either say in your head or outloud "You're Gonna DIE Friend!".

The Mass Effect Games

I originally bought both Mass Effect games at the behest of my brother. This was well before an announcement that ME2 would be on PS3. So I did just that and bought them. This was way back in June/July and I was still pretty fixated on playing Left 4 Dead 1/2 every night because it was such an amazing game and thus Marcus would put time in his Mass Effect game when I wasn't killing zombies. I think I'd like to thank Marcus for giving me Gamerscore on games I have yet to play but after all the verbal fellatio these games get and my love for the KOTOR games I can say that once I'm done RDR the wait to play these games will be well worth it...and I still get to play Mass Effect 1! Everybody (cept PS3 owners) wins!

Onechanabara: Bikini Samurai Squad

Worst Game Ever. You warned me Occams. Okay so maybe that's an exaggeration. It has a premise that will atleast last you maybe two levels if your generous. Beyond that it's kinda meh. The basic premise is you being an unstoppable bad ass chick wearing nothing but a cowboy hat, feather boa and bikini slice and dice zombies that hardly even fight back through each level. Just pure blood splattering zombie destruction which is cool but not a strong enough visual delight to base an entire game around.


Here's a game that I tried out on the PS3 and thought was really awesome and a "I'll get back to it" game. I finally did...by buying it again on the Xbox 360. Thankfully it was ubercheap, but I guess I'll repeat myself here, the install time for this game on the PS3 is ludicrous (up to an HOUR) so I figured I'd try it on 360 and I was playing it instantly. The game looks beautiful it really does. I'm so fucking impressed with it for what I played yet I kinda want to give it the time it deserves. Where as when I'm playing Mass Effect I'll play games that can stand a second stage like Force Unleashed. Either way from what I've played and the moral choice (though less the puzzles, I might get annoyed by those) Bioshock is gonna be a fun game.

Saint's Row Double Pack

Basically this was super cheap and it was 2 games that I'd had a mild interest in. Plus I THOUGHT the second game had Splitscreen Co-Op....such a ball buster that it's online (and that nobody on my friends list save VGFreak has it). The first game looks pretty bad and since it's made by THQ I totally see WWE wrestlers in everything rendered, especially the "create a gangsta" option which has alot of shit taken straight out of the WWE CAW's. Either way my guy was a black guy with corn rows. Fucking original right? Should be some stupid fun sometime down the road.

Gears Of War

Again many thanks to one Corduroy Turtle for sending me an uber cheap copy of this game. Gears Of War is honestly one ball bustingly hard game on "Hardcore" difficulty but what did I expect? Though that last chapter was so frustratingly hard I've heard that there's a light at the end of the tunnel and that I'm getting to the end. Perhaps either Corduroy or someone else would want to sit down with me on some Gears again and help me wrap up this bad boy before Gears 3 hits.

Halo 3

Ever since September 2010, understandibly Halo 3 has become irrelevant. Guess what guys, I STILL haven't beaten the single player campaign. Infact the last time I played the campaign was with knutaf a mere week before Reach was coming out. I still haven't beaten Halo 3....still....STILL.

Call Of Duty: The War Collection

Ahh the "War Collection" for Xbox 360. A Call Of Duty bundle that packages Call Of Duty 2, 3 & WaW together in one ball of....meh? I can't knock it, this was a gift my mother gave me because apparently according to Marcus "I really really like Call Of Duty". It's a neat little package and I remember that night I played a "Deathmatch" game of Call Of Duty 2 at 6am of Christmas Morning just because I was curious if anyone was actually still playing this game. Apparently camping is still popular in that game. I can appreciate COD2 is a 360 Launch Title though, I remember playing it when they were first touting the Xbox 360. Plus now my friend Derbyson and I can finally play "Zombies" together on WaW.

Earth Defense Force 2017

I thought this would be a noticable mention considering this was also gifted to me around Christmas via a points card. I kinda looked for this game and couldn't find it anyways so for the first time ever I was excited to hear about a game coming to "Games On Demand". So now I have this game taking up 1.52 GB of HD space...a small price to pay for a game that's pretty fun. Too bad I stopped playing...it's fucking hard on Hard. Alas, an achievement I'll never get but this game is just so ridiculously over the top I gotta say, what's not to love?

Marcus' Games

The Fable Series

I know a may be in for disappointment if I play the preportedly vastly superior first and second games in the series going onto the 3rd one but I still haven't decided if I want to play from the beginning (with all the infamous Xbox Classics freezing up on 360s) or just skip to Fable III which Marcus has. Maybe I should skip Fable all together...OR SHOULD I?

Dead Space (and inevitably Dead Space 2)

Marcus owns the first game on 360 and will be picking up Dead Space 2 so you know will I ever get to play this game? Who knows but I remember thinking John Carpenter's "The Thing" when I saw Marcus play it so I may have to try and give it a go sooner than later. Beyond that I can't comment really. Looks like it's gonna be way more fun than Resident Evil 5.

Fallout: New Vegas

Oh Fallout series. How I loved Fallout 3. I almost played all the way through all the DLC had it not totally fucked up my game horribly. I just got so sick of the bugs (and the extreme length of the game) that I put it down but all in all I thought Fallout 3 was really great. Now I'm apprehensive about doing it all over again. I think I'm still gonna need some time to mentally prepare for New Vegas.

Lost Planet

Kind of intrigued about this game as the premise sounds interesting....or do I even know what the hell this game is about? Help me out here, this is like a game where you take down giant monsters? Lost Planet 2 includes like 4 players right? Or is Monster Hunter Tri just something I need to play? Either way Marcus bought this for 10$ so one day I should try it.

That's pretty much it just for retail releases. I'm so ridiculously behind it actually hurts my very being to think about it although it's made me think about what games I want to prioritize playthroughs of (ie Dead Space). Thanks for reading guys! I'll try and write something better once easy access to a PC is a thing that I can do.

List Of Games (I Want) To Finish

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light
Costume Quest
Dead Rising 2: Case West
Splosion Man
Super Meat Boy
Perfect Dark
P.B. Winterbottom
Castlevania SOTN
Castlevania HD
Castle Crashers

Xbox Originals
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Stubbs The Zombie
Halo: CE
Halo 2
Max Payne
Destroy All Humans

Undead Nightmare (RDR)
Episodes 1 & 2 (Half Life 2)
Tatooine (Force Unleashed)
Jedi Academy (Force Unleashed)
Hoth (Force Unleashed)
Endor (Force Unleashed II)
Any DLC Marcus Got For Mass Effect 1/2
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