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Please, Don't Make Me Wait Anymore...

So, with today being Monday, January 17th, I did something that I HOPE I don't regret in the future. I decided to try something bold. I decided to try something daring. I did something that could be good or come back to bite me you know where... I decided... to pay for a pre-order for Duke Nukem Forever. Yes, I finally broke down and pre-ordered the game that no one believes will ever come out, and has already been delayed 3 months in 2011. I feel like I owe it to myself, being a big Duke Nukem fan, to finally pre-order this, after waiting almost 14 years for this game. I played DN64, Manhatten Project, and have waited all of these year for this game, placing a preorder on it in 1999, and getting a refund for it 6 months later. I hope this time I don't regret it this time...

Another game I've pre-ordered because I'm a huge fan is the new "You Don't Know Jack" game for PS3. Yes, it is a bit odd to pre-order, since it won't exactly be a hot commodity, but I felt the need to. I already own 7 different YDKJ games for the PC, so, obviously, I love this game. I'm hoping that a few of my Dtoid Brothers will also get this game, so that I can have people to play against online. I still believe this is one of the greatest trivia games ever created, simply because of the smartass attitude this game gives you constantly. Also, the fact that it has something called "screw your neighbor" makes it all the better.

Also, I'm going to pre-order Twisted Metal X (I believe is what it's called) once it gets closer to it's due date. The official release date hasn't been announced, so I will wait until it's at least announced before pre-ordering it. It's usually a great game, and it has been a long time since an actual, true TM game has been out. Twisted Metal Black, which is considered by some (including me) to be the last true TM game, was released in 2001... 10 years ago. It's time...

Along with those, I'm also definitely getting Killzone 3, when it comes out, which is very soon. I've had a great time with Killzone 2, which is probably my favorite shooter on the PS3 so far, and I'm hoping that KZ3 will surpass that. My main problem is simple, though... I haven't actually finished KZ2 yet, so I better get cracking on it. I am wondering how KZ2 will end, which is also making me wonder how KZ3 will continue the story, depending on how the second one finishes... NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!

By the way, I'm wondering if any of the readers of this are a part of the Dtoid Chicago group., if you are, let me know... just wondering...

Ok, done for now, see you later...
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