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Sony vs. Ps3 Hackers

If you make anything technological that people will use, it will be hacked. It's one of the reasons why we can't have nice things. Although, gotta give credit to Sony, the Ps3's firmware lasted much longer than the wii and 360. But it was bound to be hacked. I mean, EVERYTHING will be hacked. It's gonna happen. The Ipad was hacked within 24 hours of it's release. Sure the Ipad may be a bad example due to the fact that it's just an oversized ipod touch (Not saying I hate Ipads, I love them). But it just goes to show that everyone will hack everything.

They hacked open PS3 trophies. Sony's looking to find a fix to an unimportant issue. Why is it unimportant? PS3 Trophies exist for 2 things;

(1) To make you feel like you achieved something
(2) Bragging rights

Both of which are completely nonsensical when it's been hacked. You don't feel like you've achieved anything, nor do you have bragging rights although you may pretend you do. You have bragging rights to being able to hack your PS3, but that's about it.

And now that even more PS3 pirates are on their way, time's running short for Sony finding a solution. I don't know about the configuration of their system and if they can overview your PS3 OS as Microsoft can and Ban you from the PSN, but if they can that seems to be their only option. They might be able to use forced updates, which can still probably be bypassed unless the PS3 updates the moment you turn it on which I doubt is possible due to the fact Sony would never really see the need for that during the manufacturing phase.

However, if it's a game based update or PS3 update, it can usually be bypassed, although the first few to try it might get bricked. So far, let's review.

Sony can Either:
(A) Ban them from PSN if possible. Probably the best option seeing as how much online multiplayer has grown in the last few years. (Not sure about this, but I believe there's a 360 firmware now that shows up as a regular firmware to Microsoft.)
(B) Brick their consoles. Highly doubt it, but if they're willing to go that far, it's a possibility.
(C) Patch them. Most likely, the hackers will bypass that quicker than the Ps3's bypass itself.
(D) Take them all to court. Sony's funds going even further into the toilet, it's not much of a possibility
(E) Release Playstation 4. But without making any more games for PS3, the ps3 would literally, be worse than it's predecessor.


Sony, you're going to be hacked. By someone. It's going to happen. Unless you have the money to take everyone to court and sue everyone and shut down the entire internet, you're not going to stop them.
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