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How 2011 can be the Wii's swan song and maybe the best year ever! Also, me.

Hello everyone. I would like to first introduce myself: My name is Pedro and this is actually my first "blog", I've been a gamer since the early 90's. My first system was the NES around '91/92'. I was probably 8 years young back then and gaming became my "friend". I fondly remember playing Super Mario Bros and Duckhunt. Darkman, Batman, Adventures of Lolo, Contra, the list could go on and on. Life was grand.

Battletoads!! I remember this game the most due to spending countless days trying to beat it with my little brother! As far as I can remember we never beat the game but we got to the spinning tower and the Dark Queen!

Back then my folks were poor. No really. We bought our games at a pawn shop or the games were passed down by older family members (my cousins). I sadly didn't have a SNES. My second console was a Sega Genesis which I believe was either bought used or passed down. But SEGA was on equal grounds back then with the SNES. Both consoles kicked major ass and each had a vast library of great games. Sonic, Streets of Rage, Mortal Kombat, Toe Jam and Earl!!

I'm going of trail here. Let me get back to the subject on hand. Nintendo's most recent console: The Wii :)
2011 marks the 6th year in the US market for the Wii. Sales are definitely down from previous years. Some in the press and gaming community have and still see the Wii as a bastard child. I'm not going to get into it as we all know what I mean by that. But what I will get into is this: 2011 can be Wii's swan song. It's magnum opus if you will.

As I stated before, sells have been down. Recent example: December 2010 sales for Wii hardware were 2.5 million. Great sales but still down 24% from December 2009. The Wii needs a boost and it needs it where it counts. For me games sell systems. Games after all is why hardware sells. Wii's 2011 games for US so far are slim (confirmed for US that is). The ones we know of that I'm (and I'm sure some of you too) are looking forwards to are Conduit 2, de Blob 2, and *crosses fingers* Zelda: Skyward Sword.

So yeah, smalls selection in my opinion. Nintendo, however can totally changes this. Now is where I will go into speculation and optimism. There are several games that have come out in Japan and are on their way to release in the land of the rising sun that would make any Wii owner grin from ear to ear if they were to release in the west.

1: Tales of Graces: Yes the game was buggy. Yes it was also released on the PS3 in Japan with updated content and less or no bugs (not sure here). But lets look at some facts here. Tales of Symphonia on the GC has sold 953k worldwide (wikipedia). Tales of the Abyss on the PS2 has sold 734k worldwide (rpgfan.com) and Tales of Vesperia on the 360 has sold 557k worldwide (vgchartz.com). These are the most recent US releases that have sold. Legendia and Symphonia have sold less according to rpggamer/vgchartz. I know vgchartz is not the most reliable source and sells are not the ultimate test but hey this is my post. :)

So, in my opinion a release on the Wii could be Tales of Grace's best chance to sell in the west.

2: This is wishful thinking. Xenoblade and The Last Story are rpgs that would make me one happy mutha! Xenoblade has been listed in the US under Monando by NOA but no concrete conformaion. The Last Story is set to come out in Japan this month and we haven't heard a peep about a US release but NOA likes to keep things quiet about these matters. Last but not least Satoru Iwata has said recently that 2011 gaps could be filled by US releases of Japan games (can't find the link but some of you have probably read this before). Also, Dragon Quest X and Pikmin 3! No concrete info about DQX has been released since the announcement that it was in development for the Wii in 2008 and we have yet to see any video/screens of the much talked about Pikmin 3 but 2011 could be the year! XD

3: US announcements about the before mentioned games would make an RPG gamers dream come true but there are plenty Wii games in the Japan/Europe market that would also make a Wii owner proud if released in the west. Some of my faves: NPC Pikmin 2, Fatal Frame 4, Zangeki no Reginleiv, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Night of the Sacrifice, Captain Rainbow, etc.

Yes, this is a pipe dream but we've seen stranger. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom anyone :)

In conclusion, these are but ramblings from a fool, a dreamer, a gamer but we can all dream can't we.

PS. If you made it this far thank you for reading and thank you for putting up with this wall of text! I would add pics but I'm too dam lazy ;)

Plus the year is young. 2011 is barely upon us and Nintendo has great ip's that are yet
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