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2010 sucked: Heavy Rainís Polarizing Effect.


The red herringís I mentioned earlier had a lot to do with it, like an inconsistent plot with things they donít bother to explain. It wouldnít be so much of a bother if it wasnít tied into the plot but it was. Take Ethanís blackouts for example, they were used as an indicator to believe that he could possibly be the Origami Killer. But after maybe 2-4 hours in the game, itís completely thrown out and never brought up again without explanation whatsoever. With Jaydenís drug problem, that was just a character defect that added to his game play section, where Ethanís was more or less a plot device that was only used for pacing the game rather than actual story.

Another one of these was looking into the thoughts of the character. When it was first shown, it gave the player a variety of options to think what your next move in the story should be. But again, itís kind of a problem when you look into Shelbyís thoughts. We all know Shelby is the killer when we find out later in the game, we know he has a hideout in his apartment where he watches Jason. But youíre telling the player he isnít thinking that whatsoever? Does he have powerful mind-forgetting abilities? No because that makes absolutely no sense, youíre just lying to the player and as the player, I don't like being lied to.

But aside from that, I actually had fun with the game during the intense QTEís and really testing your hands in the controller. Which is why I find it so polarizing, since it does so many things different for a game for better and for worse. Itís a good and bad thing that Quantic Dream did, they made a pretty good engine for this game but didnít pay great attention to the storyís pacing and loose ends.

Quantic Dream may have taken one step forward, but at the cost of two steps back.
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