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Taking internet breaks, gaming, and my go at modding my fightstick.


Y'know, there's something to be said about moderation. As in all things can be enjoyed in moderation. Be it drinking, gambling, gaming and even being online. For a bit there my old ass was consumed with being online. Gotta get my gaming news, had to follow someone's Tweets, needed to write a blog, had to listen to a podcast, needed to get on Facebook, and a slew of other internet related things that when viewed from afar seem to be a waste of time. At least to me it is. Took a break. A hiatus. Didn't bother logging on my Gmail, my Twitter, my Facebook, and even Destructoid itself. Know what? My world didn't end. I didn't have withdrawals of any kinds. I didn't miss hearing about anything related to games on a daily basis (perhaps because there are no real gaming news on a daily basis). I enjoyed smaller pleasures like extended sleep, watching movies, and get this...playing games.

The holidays arrived and with them came more games. Some more memorable then others and some I haven't even opened yet. But that's okay too. I don't feel the need to rush through them to the end. This isn't a race. I'm not a game reviewer. I have no actual deadline. I think I'll just try to enjoy them thank you very much. I think I'll also come up with my own conclusions regarding them too. I realized from my " internet hiatus" that I wasn't being spoon-fed someone's opinion about what I was playing, or thinking of getting. I had to arrive at what I thought of something on my own, without getting it from you or her or them. I realized just how much nonsensical bullshit I was subscribing to. Too much negativity, nit-picking, and just plain bullshit. I encourage anyone reading this to unplug for awhile and experience this realization for themselves.

I find it funny coming back and catching up on things how nothing changes. It seems like there is no originality. Everything written is a faint echo of something written before. Hell, the majority of what's written doesn't even have anything to say. Occasionally you'll come across something thoughtful and well written relating to games but those are diamonds in the rough, jewels to be mined - not things out in the open to pick at. Still I see people getting upset about what so and so wrote about whatever game they loved, to the point of cussing them out. That shit is bizarre. If you think about it, it is beyond moronic. People waste their time with this garbage going back and forth. Daily. If you're even remotely getting riled up about something written you gotta take a break brother.

Chill. Go get laid. Hang out with your friends. IRL. Go buy over-priced gaming accessories like me and mod them. Like I did below.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to unplug, log-off, not link this blog to my Twitter or Facebook or whore it somewhere else so that you may read it and play SSFIV for five hours straight, if not more. I might even open Gran Turismo 5, or Fallout New Vegas on the 360. I have a lot more time that I can allot to my favorite pastime now that I'm not wasting it on trivialities. I heard 2010 sucked big time for quite a few of yous...personally I thought it was a fantastic year for games, as well as myself. 2011 is looking like the cat's meow too. See you folks online... in moderation of course.
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