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C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 15: Crime

I am super tired. I know that part of it is that I'm lazy. But I know that part of it is that I also am burnt out on programming. I struggled hard to get this episode out. Again, sorry for the lack of art. I don't know. I've been in a bit of a depressed state recently. But... *sigh* then again... I look back at 2010 and realize that you guys have been so inspiring to me. And... for me that's how things get done - when I'm inspired to do something for someone else. Something about Occam's voting for me in Andy's contest. Something about talking game design with Beyamor. Something about Handy saying the fan fiction was a great hope for 2011. Something about SteezyXL saying he wanted to meet me. Something about every single word Elsa writes. Something about AlphaDeus and his music. And Knutaf for cooking for me and playing Halo with me. I could go on and on. I consider you all to be my friends. You know who you are. Just know that every time I kill one of you in this bloodbath (thanks Cordy Toitle), know that it is out of my 'undying' love for you all. This is a very special chapter. Enjoy!

In Ravensdale, Crime Minister sat by a corner that had plenty of foot traffic. People passed him by. They knew nothing of what was to become of them. But he knew. Yes, this was all a dream world. It wasn�t real. But, he knew. There was a whole reality outside of the wool that had been pulled over their eyes. There was another realm � and existence where there lived dinosaurs and a friend named Mr. Destructoid. He missed it.

Besides, why did he have to be here? People here were dying. Didn�t it occur to any of the characters that their world view was restricted to the Washington State? People live in Canada and even Europe, he thought. Why couldn't anyone travel outside of the United States? Wasn�t anyone aware of this? It was a blood bath! So many characters were dead. So many of his friends, were part of the continued spiraling death.

�Sir!� Crime said. �Here�s a pamphlet. The wool has been pulled over your eyes! I beg you sir to read this and realize the truth!�

�Meh,� The passerby said as he threw the pamphlet into the next dumpster.

Maybe they would never understand. This was all a game. And Fame was the designer. He had built it from nothing, and now they were here. Crime Minister seemed to be the only one aware of it. He was so meta. It was all a game. He had to find the masked man. It was he, the only man who could possibly have an answer. Ravensdale, Bright Falls, and now Silent Hill � Crime felt he was in a horror movie.

�Sir!� Crime said. �Here�s a pamphlet. Please read and have the truth revealed to you! This life, this WORLD, is but a fictional story of a mad man! For what reasons are we trapped in the bloodbath!? We must all ask ourselves this question!�

�Interesting,� Epic said. �It�s a neat story sir. But you are going to get yourself killed around here.�

�Killed? Really?� Crime looked behind him, over his shoulder.

�Yes, are you new here?� Epic said.

�Yes, I�ve just gotten here.� Crime said. �I�m hoping to find a way out.�

�Well, that�s good. It�s safer back in North Bend.� Epic said. �I can give you an escort.�

�Yeah....� Crime said lazily, and then suddenly perked up again. �What I meant was out of HERE - out of this construct of reality. Do you have no concept of this?�

�I don�t know what the fuck you are talking about.� Epic said. �I just know if you stay here, someone is going to find you, steal your stuff, rape you, kill you and eat you. Not in that order, for sure. You know what I mean� It makes it worse that they eat you first, then rape you� oh nevermind.�

�Hmm� I should leave this town quickly then.� Crime said. �I have nothing to pay you but with education and truth � or perhaps these Trident Layers?�

�I know nothing of it sir. And I don�t want to know.� Epic spoke, almost giving up on Crime Minister.

�Is there a reason that you are helping me out of the kindness of your heart?� Crime asked.

�Yes.� Epic said. �I have the power to become invisible. I feel that it is my calling to escort people to safety. You have no idea the evil here in Ravensdale. No one should� I have� seen things� horrible things. I am surprised you haven�t been stabbed already by a gang member passing by from Virgillio�s mob. There is a girl � her dreams come to life. And because she is alone and cold and evil, she brings her nightmares to us all. She has already killed many people. The girl must be a demon. It is a blessing from god to have the power to be unseen by these horrors. Are these reasons not enough?�

�Then by god man let us be off and up out!� Crime exclaimed.


Beyamor walked behind Elsa hypnotized by her hips. They swayed back and forth as she walked. He shook his head and his brain bounced around inside of it. He rubbed his eyes and took a deep breath. It had been awhile since he had taken a woman to bed. He missed his wife. They had been so passionate for each other while she was among the living.

He felt bad for his emotions. Elsa�s swaying hips would never replace the love that he had for his wife. But, he was a man, and it was hard to look away. He went into a slight trance staring at her legs. She had a certain grace to her every move that made her both sexy and a force of nature. And she had a cool jacket.

�Mind your thoughts Beyamor.� Anthony said.

�What? Who?� Beyamor was startled, coming out of his trance-like state.

�Oh Beyamor,� Elsa looked back at him, twisting around with one hand on her thigh. �You know better.�

She winked at him and continued to walk towards Silent Hill. They took a few breaks for Beyamor, who seemed to be the only one that was tired. Beyamor knew that Elsa and Law had reasons to be in shape, but Anthony never seemed tired either.

�What did you say your power was again?� Beyamor said.

�I have the ability to heal people�s wounds.� Anthony said. �That�s why I felt like I should become a priest. And, you know, that�s why they call me reverend Anthony.�

�So why aren�t you tired?� Beyamor said, panting.

�Oh, I see. No it�s not a part of my healing power. I just walk a lot.� Anthony said.

They finally saw the sign. Silent Hill welcomed them in on a red carpet of cracked asphalt. It was foggy. And there was a disturbing lack of activity.

�No� It couldn�t be.� Anthony said. �This place was hit too. I was just here!�

�Calm down,� Elsa said. �Be quiet.�

�I�m going in there.� Beyamor said.

�No!� Elsa said. �Law, come with me. Turn into� into a wolf or something and we�ll see what�s going on. You two stay here. Shoot a lightning bolt if there is trouble.�

Elsa and Law flew out into the deserted city and raced over roads and sidewalks. Cars were left unattended but still running. Meals were left cooked. Fires were left to burn. Smoke came out of the chimneys and no one was there to be seen. Law stepped carefully out ahead of Elsa.

�There�s no one left Elsa.� Law said. �I have a bad feeling about this.�

�Boo�� Elsa said.

�What?� Law said, surveying the area.

�Answer the question.� Elsa said.

�I don�t see how that ff-gaaaacck� Law watched a sword emerge from his chest.

�Sorry Law,� Elsa held him dangling from her blade. �Couldn�t be helped.�

Law�s jaw twitched open and closed repeatedly until Elsa cranked the blade up into his neck draining him of half of his blood and entrails while he was still alive. Law thought that this might have been what it feels like to be a fish being prepared for supper. He habitually shape shifted into a penguin, and then into a human, and then a penguin again while she sliced his head in two.


Anthony laughed a little after Elsa and Law left. Beyamor clenched his eyebrows and seemed a bit annoyed by this. Anthony tried to hold it in, but he couldn�t. He let out a loud bit of heavy laughter. He genuinely thought something was funny.

�What is it?� Beyamor looked over at him and then back out to the horizon and the fog, looking for Elsa and Law.

�How�s Ashly? How�s Ashly? What�cha playin Ashly!?� Anthony continued to laugh.

�Dude, what the fuck.� Beyamor said, still looking for the rest of the team.

�How�s Ashly!? How�s Ashly!? Haha!� Anthony continued yelling. �This couldn�t have come together� Hehehe� With more perfection, than it already has� Heh� Heheh��

�No�� Beyamor turned around and went pale in the face.

�Yes! Yes! Beyamor!� Anthony said happily. �Your wife was so delicious!�
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