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Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#2)

I has been a while since I've started this. But I've got two left and goddammit I'm gonna finish them. I apologize for it taking so long.

Every generation has THAT game. The one where all the standards of game design are measured, there are games that set the standard for their respective genre. But there are a few games out there that transcend their genre and influence how EVERY game is. And in 2006, we got that game in the form of Gears of War.

There are several big things that make Gears of War one of the most influential game of this generation. the largest one being its role in making cooperative gameplay relevant again. From the PS1/N64 era up to PS2/Xbox/GCN era, coop was a luxury, most games that featured a multiplayer mode only had some kind of competitive thing. And you can tell me"Halo had coop durp!!" and yes I'm aware of that, but Halo main focus was always their competitive multiplayer. Nowadays any action game that doesn't include a coop mode feels stripped down.

The second biggest thing that makes Gears of War so influential is its use of cover. In every firefight you are required to take cover. And now SO many action games since then has had some form of a cover system. And this new gold standard is why I've made Gears of War as the #2 most influential game of this generation.

This was written in a hurry and I'm not going to go into any more detail since I simply wanted to finish this list. Thank you for your patience.
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