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CBlog Game of the Year Awards


Alright, guys... It's been a two week long process but now it's time to finally announce your winners. I apologize in advance if this blog seems quick. I've been tied up with handling some last minute preparations for classes, but I am proud to announce your CBlog Game of the Year award winners.

Best First Person Shooter
Winner: Halo: Reach (XBox360)

As a prequel to the whole series, Halo: Reach places you in the armor of Noble Six. It allows you to live through the events that occurred on Reach and fills in the final moments for the Noble Team. The series has always been a beloved series among its fan base and Halo: Reach was no exception. It pulled in over $200 million in its first day of sales and capped $350 million in merchandise within two weeks. With solid multiplayer and fantastic single player, it is no surprise to see Halo: Reach walking away with Best First Person Sooter.

Runner Up: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Best Third Person Shooter
Winner: Red Dead Redemption (XBox360 and PS3)

The year is 1911 and the Old West is slowly fading. Though you know how the old saying goes... You can take the cowboy out of the West but you can't take the West out of the cowboy. Oh how true it is for outlaw, John Marston. With his wife and son as hostages, John has no choice but to return to his roots to take down his old gang. Red Dead Redemption gained extremely high praise from both reviews and players alike, thus why it is given the title of Best Third Person Shooter.

Runner Up: Mass Effect 2

Best Action Game
Winner: Bayonetta (XBox360 and PS3)

Action? Check. Over the top? Check. Violence? Check. Sexy? Check. Bayonetta's unique approach to fast-paced action and sexy appeal drove some attention to this little sleeper hit. Topping in at 1.1 million copies sold, Bayonetta shows that sometimes gamers just want a little bit of a fun and that even the smallest of unknown developers can pull off a masterpiece.

Runner Up: God of War III

Best Adventure Game
Winner: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

Nintendo finally returns to its early days and reminds us all why we love gaming. Donkey Kong is revived in a brand new, 2D platformer that favors both new generation and old generation gamers alike with its solid, enjoyable gameplay.

Runner Up: Alan Wake

Best Role Playing Game
Winner: Mass Effect 2 (XBox360, PC, and upcoming PS3)

Your choices actually matter as your save data from Mass Effect carry over to its sequel. Commander Shepard is ready recruit and bring allies back together to fight a new enemy. It's great gameplay improvements, polished graphics, and in-depth story led Mass Effect 2 on its path to take the gaming community by storm as beloved, modern day classic.

Runner Up: Fallout: New Vegas

Best PS3 Game
Winner: Heavy Rain (PS3)

Press X to Jason. Press X to claim your award.

Heavy Rain was an astounding step in the right direction towards narrative gameplay. Despite its few flaws with plot and character development, Heavy Rain has at least set us on the right path to creating an emotional experience with its characters and story advancements.

Runner Up: God of War III

Best Wii Game
Winner: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

Mario is back in a sequel to the popular Super Mario Galaxy. Galaxy 2 sold over 5.1 million copies in the first four months of its release. It not only met review and player expectations, but it also surpassed them.

Runner Up: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Best XBox360 Game
Winner: Mass Effect 2 (XBox360 and PC)

Mass Effect 2 has won countless awards since it's release and has sold well over 2 million copies. It's great gameplay improvements over the first, polished graphics, and in-depth story led Mass Effect 2 on its path to take the gaming community by storm as beloved, modern day classic.

Runner Up: Halo: Reach

Best Handheld Game
Winner: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (DS)

It was one of the most anticipated games back when released in 2009 in Japan. However, it did not reach the States until early 2010. Not only did it have fantastic single player that catered to the hardcore Dragon Quest fans, but it also focused heavily on local multiplayer. Upon which it executed very well.

Runner Up: Persona 3 Portable

Best PC Game
Winner: StarCraft II (PC)

After nearly a ten year wait, fans of the original StarCraft finally got an continuation of their story. Taking place four years after Brood War, Jim Raynor returns to overthrow Dominion Emperor, Arcturus Mengsk in this Terran-only single player campaign. Yet despite its one-race story, StarCraft II still brought its marvelous multiplayer with it reminding us why we all love RTSs all over again.

Runner Up: Super Meat Boy

Best Multiplayer Game
Winner: Halo: Reach (XBox360)

The Halo series has always been praised for its well rounded, highly enjoyed multiplayer. Fans not only saw the return of some of their favorite modes like Slayer, Forge, Fire Fight, and King of the Hill, but Halo Reach also brought some new dishes to the table. Headhunter, Stockpile, and Generator Defense offered a variety of new gameplay modes to the mix giving fans something new to feast on.

Runner Up: Super Street Fighter 4

Best Single Player Game
Winner: Mass Effect 2 (XBox360 and PC)

Ok... I'm getting really tired of talking about Mass Effect 2. You all loved it. So there you go.

Runner Up: Red Dead Redemption

Best Graphics
Winner: Final Fantasy XIII (XBox360 and PS3)

Despite its love-it-or-hate-it feel, Final Fantasy XIII is one of the fastest selling Final Fantasy games in the series selling 5.75 million copies world wide by May 2010. It was praised for its beautiful style and look which Square Enix focused heavily upon. To this date, Final Fantasy XIII is one of the few games where the character mouth's were synced to match multi-language speaking in the Japanese and American versions of the game.

Runner Up: Red Dead Redmeption

Best Soundtrack
Winner: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game (XBox360 and PS3)

With Anamanaguchi handling the the soundtrack, it's no surprise to see Scott Pilgrim walking away with this award. The soundtrack is composed of unbelievably good 8-bit tracks that help keep the "old school" feel to the game.

Runner Up: Super Meat Boy

Best Male Character
Winner: John Marston - Red Dead Redemption

John Martson is an outlaw who is trying to get his life on track. However after giving up his old ways, his wife and son are kidnapped. This forces him to return to his old roots in order to get them back. Even though he is a skilled killer, a heart of gold beats heavily in his chest.

Runner Up: Mordin Solus - Mass Effect 2

Best Female Character
Winner: Tali'Zorah nar Rayya

Tali easily won the hearts of gamers all around. Her romance path shows an ultimate form of dedication as she reveals her longing for Shepard. She is willing to put her own safety in danger in order to feel a "real" relationship with him.

Runner Up: Bonnie MacFarlane

Most Under-appreciated
Winner: Splinter Cell: Conviction

Sam Fisher returned... And no one noticed. Splinter Cell: Conviction received fairly good reviews but it did not fly too well with the community. As the series broke away from its stealth roots, a majority of fans were discouraged to play it but for those who did play it, they enjoyed it.

Runner Up: No More Heroes 2

Biggest Disappointment
Winner: Metroid: Other M

Still sitting below 500,000 copies sold, Metroid: Other M highly disappointed the gaming community. It was one of the first "hardcore" Wii games gamers had seen in awhile. That alongside the series acclaim, Other M had a lot of hype to it which only crashed when Nintendo attempted to change Samus by adding more personality. You would think this would be a good thing but Samus' personality was no where near fitting to her character, greatly knock down its liking.

Runner Up: Final Fantasy XIII

Game of the Year
Mass Effect 2 (XBox360 and PC)

After selling 2 million copies and scoring nearly 30+ perfect scores across multiple reviewers, it's no surprise to see Mass Effect 2 winning game of the year. It combined gorgeous graphics, deep interesting writing, and smooth, tight gameplay all into one package. It truly has been a remarkable experience for anyone who has played it and for those who haven't... Why haven't you?
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