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Just some thoughts.

There's quite a few things I'd like to blog about, whereas most of my blogs are 1 topic only, so I could come up with no better title. If you come up with one, let me know in the comments. Or post a picture comment. Those are always funny. /sarcasm

Destructoid Lite?

Just now, after a series of pushing random buttons, I got put into Destructoid lite mode. It would have been a really good idea, if it were actually lite. It still has a lot of videos, pictures, and load times are about the same. Maybe it's not really Destructoid lite, and the URL just shows it like it is.


Battlefield Bad Company 3 PC receiving special effort but it won't run on XP

If you've read my last few blogs where I ranted about BC2's HORRIBLE port to Pc for 99% of it's users, then you must know how much I hate Dice and EA for that. But now they're saying that the Bad Company 3 will receive a special effort, but it won't run on XP. Anyone else find that ironic? A lot of people have moved on to vista/7, but still, there's a large XP base out there.


Only recently have I heard of this place, and it needs to leave now. I'm not really sensitive about religion, but a lot of people are. Very touchy subject. And to mix that with video games is a terrible thing to do. Thanks to not many people knowing about it, no one has really complained about their existence yet. So let the records show that I shall stand against game church. I'm sure Jesus would not play video games.

3DS battery life

I honestly don't see any problem here. It could be better, but most likely, if I had one, I'd be using it in my house from fear of taking it somewhere else and having it stolen. I say “If I had one” because when push comes to shove, that $300 would probably go towards a future PC.

The 3 things gamers should care about less

Click here for the blog.

First off, I applaud the person who made that blog.

I agree with #1.
I agree with #2.
I disagree somewhat with #3.

Review scores are very important if you don't pirate a game to test to see if it's good enough for you. Not everyone thinks the same way though. Renting is always an option, but in the end, you're still losing money. Some might like the worst game ever, some may hate the best game ever. But reviews still give you a grasp on what you might see. However, there's three things you have to look at when you look at a review.

(1) Facts > Opinions. If they mention ANYTHING about themselves liking/hating the game the game with stuff like, “This game is great!”, stay away from it. Look for facts.
(2) Multiple Reviews. Don't just read reviews from one site, and not the other. For example, Jim Sterling. He gives games shit reviews at time that just come out of nowhere and make no sense and sound incredibly stupid. Vanquish review. Not only are 99% of the comments saying “LOL, JIM SAID IT SO IT MUST BE TRUE, I WONT BUY THIS GAME!”, but Jim posts some dumb reasons for hating it. For example his paragraph complaint about him sucking at punching enemies.
(3) It's not from Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox magazine. This is the obvious one. They'll exaggerate their games to make them seem better, then downplay everyone else's.

DC Universe

Some strong feeling in my gut tells me this is going to crash and burn. The main appeal drawing everyone in is the fact that you'll fight side-by-side with DC characters. However, once they start fighing side by side, not only will that part lose appeal, jealousy will come into play. A type of subconcious jealousy where you really want to play as the heroes themselves but you're stuck as some no-name character. Somewhat like Poker Night at the Inventory. At first, you're like “Sweet, I'm playing side by side with some great characters!” and an hour later you're like, “This is getting boring,” and “Why am I not in any conversation?”
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