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Lords of Sly

So I ended up finishing Castlevania the other day and LOVED the ending.


Many people said that the ending surprised them, but the entire time I was playing, I kept thinking to myself, yeah, I'll bet it was Gabriel himself who killed Marie all along. Granted I didn't think Zobek was the bad guy, which was an interesting twist. The epilogue really surprised me. Gabriel is Dracula? Say what? Also, why is Zobek suddenly a good guy (at least he seems to be anyway) and furthermore, wasn't the game set in 1049 or something like that, it's shown in modern day times. I'm glad they are releasing DLC to answer these questions, but it's how they go about showing these answers that's got me interested. I'll definitely have to download it when it comes out.

I had the full intention of continuing on with the trials in order to get to the platinum but after getting through Chapter I and on to Chapter II I lost the urge to keep playing through the same levels over again (at least right now).

I have since moved on back to The Sly Collection. I forgot how much better Sly 2 is compared to Sly 1 (in my opinion), it fixed all the things I didn't like in the first one. Such things as dying in one hit (not counting the horseshoes) and every mission being practically the same are changed in Sly 2. Now you have a health meter, with health powerups plentifully available, and there are tons of different things to do for each mission. Not to mention playing as Murray and Bentley is fun too. I just love the whole heist scenario, how Bentley plans out the mission and you get to perform each section with each guy. It's a lot more fun than Sly just collecting keys and beating bosses in my opinion.

That's it for now, not much else going on, just relaxing until school kicks back in.
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