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The Video Game Renaissance

The term "video game renaissance" is thrown around from time to time, either in casual context or to denote how far video gaming has come. However you use it, the mere usage of attaching the term "Renaissance" to something as video games is remarkably significant.

Video games have come a long way from the 8-bit and arcade days when they were viewed as solely for children and nerdy programmers (this of course discounts the notorious adult games for the Atari consoles, but let's set that aside). These days it seems even the most stubborn of critics will at least acknowledge that video games are art in their own right.

Well, I'm three paragraphs in and haven't properly introduced myself in my first post. I'm a freelance video game journalist and blogger and - in case the banner and the introductory topic didn't already tip you off - I like to explore the idea of video games as art and what this means as video gaming matures and develops. I have extensive journalism experience, although I do it squarely as a hobby and I don't want to ever really be paid for it. I work regularly with video game publishers to review games due to my past experience, but independently - meaning I don't try to represent Destructoid or whatever site I write for.

Video Game Renaissance will be a blog for me to ramble about the nature, depth, and complexity of video games in this perceived Renaissance of the medium. I initially started as a "jack of all trades" blogger but those are, of course, boring. So I've decided to emphasize a topic I think is fascinating and needs much more exploration, although with groups like Extra Credits on The Escapist we're definitely getting there. Destructoid seems like a vibrant, dynamic community and I'm glad to be part of it. Right now this blog is just in its initial stages, although I'm hoping to make it more of a central focus of my work down the line. Check back soon, and thanks for reading!
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