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How to use a Dtoid City Google Group

With the recent front page post on our Dtoid City Groups, I wanted to repost an old blog that may help you to understand how to use the main planning tool for out event, Google Groups.

Hello Dtoid peeps, in the coming months there will be a ton of upcoming events that will require a great deal of planning so that can be successful and fun for everyone involved. Whether it would be either of the PAX trips or a Dtoid City Group meetup, coordination is key. The preferred method that we use we is to discuss these plans is in our created Google Groups, because it allows people to receive messages instantly via their email thus allowing us to make any changes and adjustments that need to be made in an instant. It has come to my attention that there is a great deal users on Dtoid that are unfamiliar or having difficulty making use of these Dtoid Google Groups, so I made a short primer on how to use a Dtoid Google Group effectively.

1. Use a Google Mail account when you sign up to a group: One of the best aspects of Gmail is the fact that it sorts email that are part of the same conversation subject under one subject line. This makes it much easier to read each message that is sent through a Google Group.

2. Sign up to receive each message individually as an email: This will allow you to effectively communicate with the other people in the group for events or if you just want to talk about any topic that interests you in general. The Google Group can function in a very similar manner as a IRC client between the members of the group.

3. Don't be afraid to say something: We need active participants to make these groups successful. They can provide these groups with brand new ideas for places that we can go to during our events and help the group the organize their plans more efficiently.

If you have any questions about any thing related to Dtoid NY or about the PAX meetups, you can ask them in the comments below. Keep on rockin', Dtoid peeps.
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