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in this post, i love parenthesis & james rolfe (long blog is long)

Hey Dtoiders! It�s been forever since I wrote anything here on Destructoid. Sadly, it�s been what feels like a millennium since I was on Dtoid at all. Most of the Destructoid Live people don�t remember me anymore, and I bet if I logged into the Dtoid Minecraft server, my �home� would be plundered, destroyed and repurposed into some sort of Minecraft whorehouse. It is (was?) above Pico�s head after all.

Needless to say, now that the holiday festivities have died down and my life is somewhat normal again, I should be around the Dtoid community more now.

So radio (I feel the need to take a minute to say I dislike upper case letters. It�s like, why are you called UPPER case? Why are you so much better than lower case letters huh? Think you are some kind of cool guy or something Mr.� Capitalized� letters? Your bourgeoisie establishment in the English language makes me sick: long live the lower-case proletariat!)

*cough* err, sorry. So radio, since you haven�t graced Destructoid with your warm, cinnamon-scented essence for so long, what HAVE you been up to?

Well I shall spare you the boring details (about how the job market sucks, especially for a Sociology graduate) and be honest: I�ve been playing video games and watching a lot of stuff. The video game thing is obvious, I mean this is a video game website (is it a great video game website, or is it the greatest video game web site?) and gaming is a huge part of my life and always will be. However, I am WAY too A.D.D. ( I have a prescription, I can prove it you nay saying �everyone has A.D.D.� bastards ) to sit through things like movies and such. I was never a movie person. Pick a random movie and ask me if I�ve seen it and 99% of the time I will say no.


I got off track a little, but I really wanted to let people know that there is more to the Nerd than meets the eye. The home base of the Nerd as well as James is http://www.cinemassacre.com If you enjoy AVGN, I really suggest you take a look around Cinemassacre and watch the other projects that James has worked on. Cinemassacre is easily right up there with Destructoid as far as my favorite websites go.

As far as the actual DVD�s, if you like AVGN even a little bit, make sure to pick up the DVD�s. All of the bonus features easily make it worth the coin. You can pick them up at http://www.screwattackstore.com

Well, that was way longer than I planned on it being. If you stuck out the whole post, I really appreciate it. I will be posting regularly for the next few days with my thoughts on movies/tv & internet series I have seen and perhaps even some games I�ve been playing.

As always, I <3 you all.

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