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Ten reasons to look forward to 2011 (includes videos, Alison Brie and a puppy)

Nearly all my December Cblog entries have been lists, so before I go away for a few months to lay the foundations for what will hopefully be a most spectacular year, I thought I'd leave you with one more. A big one, filled with music and trailers and a picture of a puppy looking adorable Personally, 2011 feels like one of those times when everything has lined up and offering the kind of big opportunity to grasp with both hands now or risk losing forever. I joined the Destructoid community in early February of 2010 and it has been an enormously enjoyable and educational eleven months, getting to know all the different people, personalities and peculiarities of this most intelligent and welcoming corners of the internet. So before signing off until the Spring, here are my ten reasons to be optimistic for the new year.

The Future? I may be taking a hiatus from Destructoid for a while but as mentioned in my introduction, 2011 may potentially turn out to be an enormously important year for me. There's Flixist of course (did I mention that you should visit us yet?), but last month my book was finally officially accepted by the US Copyright Office and after one more rewrite, it will be sent out to agents and publishers everwhere. A website of some sort may finally materialise too, with artwork and extracts and synopses and everything to get fans of Bond-esque spy fiction foaming at the mouth. I'm also looking for my first post-university home and a paying job until the literary career starts bringing in the billions. Once I get the appropriate visa, a trip to the States to see some old friends, neglected for far too long, will also be on the cards. So what are your resolutions and plans for the new year? Resolutions may be a bit of a joke, but there are few better times to think about the future you want to build for yourself and all the ambitions you want to make come true. Confucius probably said something about that, or Plato probably came up with a vaguely appropriate analogy that was a blatant excuse for more shadow-puppetry. But whatever your hopes and dreams, have a fantastic 2011 and by this point next year, may they all have come true. In the words of Abraham Lincoln: "Be excellent to each other... and party on, dudes!"
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