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Christmas Positivity

I like to be positive, and christmas time gives me a good reason to be positive, especially when it comes to games. And I got quite a few dollars to spend on Steam's great deals lately, so I started with 1 game on steam (Team Fortress 2) and throughout the time so far, I've stepped it up to about 20-22 games.

I'll try to be as positive as I can throughout this entire blog though.

So here are some of the amazing games I love/like/play.

Killing Floor =$7.50

Best quote coming from a killing floor player about killing floor:

“It's like L4D, but this is actually good.”

I played it, and compiled a bit of a list of how this is better than L4D

-Buy weapons, you don't find them randomly
-Many more weapons in here
-Zombies are actually creepy, not just people with blood stained shirts vomiting.
-British Accents (“I'm trying to heal you, not shag you!”)
-6 player Co-op
-Anyone can create levels for it

I've gotten many more games over christmas, and if I describe them all as much as I have the other games, this blog will take forever, so here are the rest of the games I got if anyone cares;

Battlefield 2 (I missed the first sale on BC 2, so I bought this. Then I caught the second sale)
Section 8 (My router is uncompatible)
Poker Night at the Inventory
Red Faction
Humble Indie Bundle #2 (Braid, Machinarium, Revenge of the Titans, Osmos, Cortex Command)
Oddworld; Abe's Oddysey
Nation Red
Half Life 2 (Didn't include this game in my described games, because honestly, this game is overrated)
Garry's Mod
Final fantasy XI (Can't play)
Killing floor mod; Defence Alliance
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