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I Was a Teenage Gamer - 006 - 28/12/2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer is the daily journal of an extremely competent young man pursuing his goal of becoming a staff member at his favorite independent gaming blog, Destructoid. Beginning on his 19th birthday, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing his experiences and thoughts as a video-game addict and spilling blood, sweat, tears and a variety of other bodily fluids.

I'm not going to lie to you guys. I am a gaming enthusiast and consider myself a hardcore gamer. However, a gaming collector I am not. I have a hard time holding sentimental attachment to objects after their use has expired. To that end, I have owned many consoles over the years but if you were to scour my household you would not be able to locate any of them. Most have gone the way of garage sales and local classifieds. Some have been adopted by friends and family members. However, I consider this a good thing. Because I've never really carried over a preference from generation to generation, I have experienced every side of the gaming industry for myself.

Now, I'm not saying that just because you bought an SNES you were going to be inclined to buy an N64. But, yes that is exactly what I'm saying. At current, I feel most closely associated to the Playstation fanbase. But thats because the PS3 is my console of choice this generation. But thats not because I'm closed off to Nintendo and Microsoft's offerings. I've had my time thoroughly enjoying both the Wii and 360. They both offer different things that I love. The Wii provides reminiscing, classic characters I love, and the most hassle-free/no-strings-attached experience of this generation. The Xbox 360 was a great way to connect with my friends, truly experience current-generation technology and appealed overall to my more mature gaming sensibility.

The PS3 was the console I was initially most cautious about. I thought it was overpriced and its games were looking pretty lackluster at a point. From a purely gaming perspective, it held little value to me. But than, something funny happened. My friends who were once Wii and 360 owners started switching over. They talked about Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted and Modnation and Little Big Planet and I? I was the kid who nodded in silence while slowly eating my ham-and-swiss sandwich.

Not looking to be an outcast, I started surveying the PS3 landscape. "Hmm... Little Big Planet looks good... so does Ratchet and Clank... and there are some series that are multiplatform that I haven't got to try yet.." At that point, I was tired of paying $70 a year after tax on Xbox Live, out of my movie theatre Concession Stand salary (long before I started making these big bucks over here at Old Navy). It was not so long prior that we had purchased an HD TV and I had never experienced blu-ray before. Everything started adding up.

So I took the plunge.

I can with full confidence say that my time with the PS3 has been my most enjoyed time with any non-handheld console, my entire life. I love having free online, playing high-def content so easily, streaming media from my PC via Vuze, checking up on what my friends are playing... And when it comes to games, I'm in heaven. Every thing I want is here. I have a thing for random, Korean/Japanese games and this is satisfied to the full thanks to PSN. I also love the controller, the ease of the XMB and the way everything just works. I know whenever I turn on my PS3 I am going to have some fun.

To that end, Sony has made a success. Because to me, thats what gaming is about: That feeling you get when you just know that every last penny you spent was worth it. And I know many people who feel the same about other consoles and not necessarily from this generation, either! Thats the true spirit of gaming.

What are you still doing reading this? As Mr. Destructoid would say "GTFOAJPG."

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