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Great Scott!

Spent the morning playing though the first episode of Back to the Future: The Game and I definitely enjoyed it. I'm not a huge fan of Back to the Future but I enjoyed the first movie. Never actually seen the other two yet, but I had a lot of fun with the game. It was a bit easy and a bit short but I appreciated that on both counts as I'm not the greatest point and click adventure game player. The hint system was robust enough to point you in the right direction but not completely reveal the answers. I still felt accomplished after being able to figure out the puzzles in the end. I saw some people complaining about the voice acting online, but I thought it was very good. I mean, how much better can you get than Doc Brown voicing himself?!

All in all I had a lot of fun with it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the movies or just really like point and click adventures. I actually am downloading Tales of Monkey Island right now to see more of Telltales work and I can't wait for the next episode of BttF in February!

(The character models look much better than this in the game!!)
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