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360 FNF: Lenigo(d)BOOM & The Eve Of Eves Showdown

Here on Destructoid we pride ourselves on being the best of the best, of the best of the best. Seriously. So with that said, we gather once again for a night of Friday...Night....shit.

Game: Left 4 Dead 2
Host: Me (GT: garethxxgod)
Time: 10 or 11pm EST

If you want to host something let it be known in the comments, leave a time and your gamertag and what game you want to play. If you want to join a game let that be know as well and don't be afraid to send Friend Requests/Party Joins to the Gamertags listed. Unfortunately I'm not sure how much I'll be updating this because I'll probably be gone for a good chunk of the day but I'll try (if I remember) to check back on some game requests! Thanks guys!
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