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[Contest] Winner: A christmas miracle(and ramble)

Thank you all so very much for taking the time to reaffirm every ones already dieing love with Gran Turismo B-spec mode. Cause we all know it's the best thing ever, just people...tend to forget these things.

In all honesty, Im at the point where I'm kind of stuck with my gaming. I feel like I can't play anything but Gran Turismo B-spec, while playing something else. Playing just one thing feels so inefficient now, and I hate that feeling. Most times, I'll run B-spec, switch over to my xbox, Run netflix, and play Mass effect 2(which i started up again to finally finish) on my P.C. It may seem awesome, but it kind of isn't. It's sensory overload, and anything less feels dull and boring. It's a rut im trying to get out of.

On another note. Because I don't really want to make another 'My game of the year' blog. I thought i'd just do it here, to extend the length of a blog that needs no more then two sentences. GOTY is always a hard one to call. Do you judge it on longevity, things you'll play in a few years? Gran turismo 5, or Super street fighter 4, or Starcraft 2, all games i'll pick up 2, or 3 years from now. Or do you judge it on the single experience It deleivered? Mass effect 2, Read dead redemption, both, incredible. However I'm never going to play them once i put them down. In a few years, I won't pick them up. But that doesn't make them any worse...or does it....man...picking a GOTY is hard, when so many awesome games came out!

However, My answer is simply the greatest delivery of a single experience. While Read dead tries to make you feel like a cowboy, it kind of fails. While Mass Effect 2 tries to immerse you in this huge world. Once you turn off the game, all that is gone. One game doesn't end when you turn it off, and it's not a mmo. This game won't scare the shit out of you, but when you play it, you'll scare the shit out of yourself. And that game is Amnesia: the Dark Decent. It is an incredible horror experience. I've lost countless hours of sleep over the game. Hell, just thinking about starting it up, I get nervous. There is not a single game that delivered a better experience.

Oh, and for that contest. I have to say, I was really worried an American or EU contestant would win, and I'd have to hustle my ass to make up another card for them. Thankfully, a Canadian won. So, to my fellow Gran Turismo Enthusiast, Congrats go out to Garethxxgod.

Thank you to every one who entered. I had a lot of fun hosting it, and reading your comments. Have a great holiday, and happy new year.

and seriously, GT is awesome, I love it....
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