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Postivity? Coming from me? Yeah...

In a world, where the gaming industry has been kind of iffy lately, one indie game rises above all but one (Minecraft) to show the true colors of the gaming industry's market....

That game...the game that has brought me happiness....the "mythed" happiness of Mathew RD....


What a choice right? Wait...you haven't played it? Well lemme break it down for ya;

Beat Hazard is a indie game for 360 (I believe) and PC. It's a shoot 'em up for about $10 released the passed April. It creates a level based on a mp3 file you choose. So let's say you pick something slow and relaxed. The game will reflect that way to an extent. And if you put on Dragonforce - Through The fire and Flames, you will have one epic gaming session. There's three powerups; Power (You do more damage), Volume (Turns up the volume of the music, more colors & more vibrant) and the score multiplier.

The song really reflects how the game plays. If the song is slow, your shooting speed will be slow and ineffective. But if the music gets intense, your bullets fire so rapidly you have a seizure.

Why is it so amazing?

It's a shoot 'em up that syncs with your music. What more can you ask for?

I used that song as one of my levels in game. Probably one of the greatest experience of this gaming generation.

Listening to an intense song while blasting through 5000000 enemies (inb4 Lenigod's numbers speech) and having everything synced together actually injects you with so much adrenaline that after you play this game, you'll want to get off the seat, run outside, pick up snow/dirt with your bare hands, make snow/dirt balls, grab those snow/dirt balls, run to your nearest Walmart/BestBuy/Target/Kmart, throw all of your snow/dirt balls at their store, run inside, tell them they deserve it for having games that aren't even close to Beat Hazard, then run outside, and make a snow angel.*

Reread the last paragraph, you'll be glad you did.

*This paragraph accurately describes how good this game is. Actual results may vary. MathewRD is not responsible for any legal trouble you get into for your snow/dirt ball assault on any store in any way, shape, or form.**

**tl;dr: Get this game. It's $10.***

***If you're still not sure, pirate it. ONLY TO TEST IT. Indie developers need your money.****

****I'mma go see Tron Legacy tomorrow*****

*****It probably won't be as good as Beat Hazard.******

******Well I dunno, Tron Legacy is 3D*******

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