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What the VGA's Should Have Been


The annual VGA�s just passed and based on critics, and ratings it is not the best representation of the video games or its fans. I am not here to write about what the VGA�s did wrong (even though it was nearly everything) but instead write about what a video game awards ceremony should have in order to be successful.

1) It should be by gamers for gamers. Okay this sounds really simple but just to be sure; what I mean is the presenters should be those who make, know and/or play video games. Why is Rachel Bilson or Dominic err... Charlie presenting awards? They are actors. The Grammy's or the Oscars do not have stars from video games presenting their awards because it would be irrelevant and kind of... well, stupid. I want to see video game �stars�. For example Stephen Totilo announcing best game magazine, or Jonathan Holmes announcing game of the year, Seth Killian announcing best Adventure game, and so on. I mean the list could go on forever but the point is that the people important to video games should be the ones up on stage not T.V stars.

2) All video games should be presented fairly and equally. The awards should consist of all video games and their platforms. For example games for the Wii, DS, Iphone or any other handheld or console should be included in the ceremony. A Video game is a video game so they should all be included. Also no segregation, Iphone games should be able to be nominated for the same awards as the other consoles. Lastly, there is no such thing as casual or hard-core games, just games.

3) Performers should be those who are in the video game soundtracks. I liked this about the VGA�s. They had performers who performed tracks from the games being presented. I want more though; I want to hear the orchestra performing a Zelda tune (if the track is very good and deserves a performance) or any other title which had very good music in it such as Bit. Trip. Fate, Runner, Grand Theft Auto, etc.

4) Respect your audience. Aka do not insult the gamers. Okay, the VGA�s made me feel like all gamers are losers. I am a gamer and know other gamers who are actually pretty cool, so please stop joking about who we are not. I am a gamer, I talk to girls, and I go out to the bars and socialize (even though I�d rather be gaming). Point is, please stop it with the stereotypes so that the audience takes the show, video games and itself more seriously.

5) Be sure to kick ass. This is the most important point. The show should be so epic and amazing and kick ass. The jokes should be funny, the awards should be great and the after party should be the shit! C�mon drinks, video games, and fellow gamers = one hell of a night.

A proper Video game awards ceremony needs to happen so that video games can be taken as seriously as the other forms of art and/or entertainment. As a gamer it disgusts me to see video games talked about as an embarrassment or a guilty pleasure. Video games are awesome and should have an awards show to represent that.

Note: As you can probably tell I am not the best writer and a horrible photo-shop artist.. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.Thank You.
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