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A question to the community: What makes Uncharted 2 great?

I wasn't sure if I should post a question like this just to satisfy my curiosity. From what I understand, blogs are supposed to be well thought out contributions to the site. Still, this is probably the best community to ask my questions without being met with a backlash of angry flames.

I just want to make it clear that I'm not trying, in any way, to bash the Uncharted series. Instead, I would like to ask what makes the game so loved by so many and my own thoughts on why the game is just "meh" to me.

1) The shooting: When I played through the game, the shooting didn't feel all that special to me. It was point and shoot mechanics with cover based tactics. Nothing really new from what I see. The shooting was indeed tight, aiming and firing felt good, just not mindblowingly good. I understand that the ability to climb obstacles and gain different vantage points on enemies is something new in this game, but trying to climb a building with to get to a good sniping position when your enemies know where you are usually got me killed or heavily wounded.

2) The writing: I never really got attached to any of the characters. That part is completely subjective so there's not much to talk about on that point but something that I didn't like about the writing is that conversations constantly set Drake up to say something smart to the point of making everyone else look dumb. Eg:

They find a map:

Sully: Look like we've got a map.

Drake: Let me take a look at that... it says that "the fires form the Himalayas point to the true path"

Sully: Well what the hell does that mean?

Drake: Don't you see?! The Himalaya's is where we're we've gotta go!

It seemed like every time the characters found some kind of clue, they required Drake to explain it to them even when the answer was obvious.

3) The platforming: It's not challenging but then again, I guess that the point of the platforming is to show off the grand vistas which it does a good job at. However, I found myself sometimes unsure as to which direction to leap in once in awhile and sometimes jumping to my death.

4) THOSE DAMNED G'NADES!!!!!: Ok, this is one point I'm gonna rant on. Why is it that enemies chuck grenades with impeccable precision? The don't throw the grenade so that it lands in front of your cover, oh no. Those freakin' pineapples land RIGHT ON TOP OF MY COVER INCHES FROM MY FACE. So naturally, I need to vacate my safe spot so that I don't get blown to shit. But if I do that, enemies will cut me down, especially if a close range shotgun wielding enemy happens to be close by. So whenever a grenade lands, I'm forced to dash away from it and run around like an idiot for awhile, waiting for it to go off, and then get back into cover. I have an aching suspicion that there is some kind if "throw grenade back at enemies" command that I never noticed. If so, then please excuse me.

So to summarize, I found the core elements of Uncharted 2 to be plain and simple when playing. Those elements are: the shooting, the writing, and the platforming. Nothing wrong with the game, as I said, I'm not out to bash Uncharted 2. It just didn't hook me as being "50 perfect scores" amazing. So anyway, I was wondering if some people could share with me what makes Uncharted 2 great since I would really like to understand the general consensus.
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