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Happy Holidays: My Presence is a Present

Year after year, work and school come to an abrupt halt around this time of the season. It is during this downtime that I find myself with more free time than I need, and with this free time I do a lot of thinking. I think about my life; how things turned out, how happy I am with stuff, what keeps me waking up every morning, and then things get dark and heavy, and then I question the very meaning of life. Then, I wake up crying the next morning, and keep crying until around 12:00 p.m.

After I give myself an awesome black eye from slamming my face on my head board and wall out of sheer madness, I find I am too flustered and out of breath to do anything but lay on the carpet. It is whilst laying in this sea of pubic hair and food crumbs that I find a light; some kind of red, iridescent dot off in the distance. It turns out the light is housed by a gray, plastic box with purple buttons and a gray cartridge protruding from the top.

The cartridge has a picture of a pudgey, mustachioed man in a red hat and yellow cape, flying through the air on top of a dinosaur. A smile soon forms across my face, and all the cynicism in the world ceases to exist in my head. "Super Mario World" is inscribed near the top of the cartridge with many colors. The box housing the cartridge and iridescent light says "Super Nintendo."

Ahh the old box art back then...

When I slide the power button to the "on" position, and the coin chime rings on the television, my mind regresses to that of my 8 year old self. All the things I've learned in the past decade(s) fade away as all I can focus on is getting my blue yoshi to eat enough koopas so I can use him to beat the Star Road.

Things like school, work, alimony, child support, and life failures don't exist in this simple state of existence. Holding the most ergonomic controller made of plastic and wires gives me the ability to submerge myself seamlessly into this world devoid of sadness. I'm flying through the sky, taking in all the colors and shapes, and reaching a familiar plateu of simplicity and happiness.

My brother soon wants to get in on this. He gets the second controller, and he's swimming in a ghost infested pirate ship under water. Him and I hold interesting conversations without having to say anything. We soon switch out the cartridge and assume the roles of two monkeys who are trying to save their ape friend/uncle from an obese, gold-plated crocodile who wears a crown.

Did anybody guess what game I was describing?

In the mean time, things have been happening in another room. Members of my extended family have been slowly appearing to visit, and I couldn't be happier to see them after such a long time. I'm reminded of my childhood, playing Super Nintendo with my brother, and spending time with my wonderful family. My and brother and I play all day (with considerable amounts of break times because of endearing warnings from my family that I'll "fry my brain" if I play too much.) and spend time with loved ones. My current self soon recognizes a familiar feeling that my eight-year-old self always felt: endless happiness.

It is this moment of bliss that makes the holidays such a wonderful time. Unless you have no soul, you can find that thing that reminds you of when you were young and the world didn't seem to have any problems with it. For me, that thing is playing video games. In the process of finding my eight year old self, I reach the resolution of my conflict. Every year I realize that there is no way someone will be completely happy with every aspect of their life, so the most important thing is to try and enjoy it all as much as you can, the same way you did when you were a kid.

Kind of an off-topic side note; Is anybody as enamored with CelicaCrazed's holiday themed avatar as I am? I think that's super cool. I kind of copied him/her with mine, changing all the colors to only green and red hues. I think this should be something more people do around this time of year. [EDIT] I see rexwolf2 has also joined the party. See? All the cool kids are changing their avatars to holiday themed versions! Don't you want to be cool?[/EDIT]All right, thanks for reading this all!
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