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Comments of the Week: Long and Short Edition

Welcome welcome faithful listeners, once again, to Commentoid for the week of... er, sometime around Black Friday to sometime after Black Friday. I'm Knutaf, and I'll be trying to entertain you for the next few minutes. I dunno, I feel like I took two weeks to do a week's worth of Commentoid. CaptainBus even needed to send me a flame mail over PM. I tell you what, this always takes way more time than I realize. It's my third time through; you think I'd figure it out by now.

Other things I might rather be doing, truth be told (in this order): playing The World Ends With You; writing a blog post about The World Ends With You; or writing up a post for this month's Monthy Musing. Yeah, yeah, I know. I could always drop out. But I like to provide a service here, even if the quality of it is pretty awful.

Enough, enough. Let's get started. I selected a lot of comments this time. As such, some of them may not be accompanied by much explanation. I hope they are sufficiently funny or baffling in their own right.

As a final note, I'd like to point out that, once again in the spirit of innovation, I've incorporated a new piece of technology into Commentoid this week: when you click a link to go to the post the comment originated from, the link will take you straight to the comment (not the top of the page)! For the betterment of comment-kind. Unfortunately this only works for comments on cblogs, sorry.

Range of posts analyzed!
Cblogs: start to finish!
Front page: start to finish!

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