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Why Single-Player will never die.

An EA Games President recently said that the single-player game is over (http://www.destructoid.com/ea-single-player-games-are-finished--189185.phtml), which I think is totally wrong. Sure, most of the money nowadays can be made over playing multiplayer games and DLC but I’m not that type of gamer in any stretch of the imagination.

I grew up having really bad Internet (56k!) so online gaming was never in my future until I moved for college. Basically from the NES until I got my first Xbox 360, I was playing games either by myself, or with another person in the room which I was totally fine with. Some of my best times with friends, we played Street Fighter or Super Mario Bros. or any game that really had 2 controllers. But my heart adored single-player games from RPGs like Chrono Trigger or action/beat-em 'ups like Viewtiful Joe.

When I first watched my roommate play Halo 3 for the first time, It was cool albeit hearing the same stupid kids yelling "you’re a fag!" over and over again. Its single-player campaign wasn't even all that engrossing or that amazing to me, I just felt like I was training for the multiplayer. So where’s the engrossing story-telling? Where’s the character personality? Where’s the connection to the virtual world?

That’s why I’m happy for games like Mass Effect 2, which offers an amazing engrossing story that can be totally your own. You make your path, You say what you want to say, You can have sex with alien or human because it's your experience. That game could never work in an online multiplayer way, although if EA has anything to say about it, they might ruin it by making Bioware make a shoehorned multiplayer component.

Secondly, Dead Space to me was probably in my top 5 of 2008 because it had this raw atmosphere. When EA says that “multiplayer was the most wanted feature”, I’m not really in that camp. It looks cool and all, I’m sure it’s fun, but I’m more interested in the single-player, Zero G fighting, and story. Also, I personally liked Mirror's Edge, it was heavily flawed but I had a fun if frustrating experience with it. It should have gotten a sequel, but I guess it has no multi-player chance so EA won't care.

Another thing, Resident Evil 5 hinged on co-op since Sheva is always with Chris, which made the single-player all the more worse because she would waste ammo and die a lot, becoming almost an escort mission. But then when I played co-op, It was me talking to my buddy saying “Hey…come here, go up this thing, okay, did you get the thing? Okay take the fire and put it there”. Atmosphere killer. I'm not in the world of the game because it's ruined by other people.

Lastly, EA said that “online is where the innovation is at”. The last innovation that has been in online has been the Perk system in COD WHICH IS NOW IN EVERY MULTIPLAYER SHOOTER AS OF LATE (I was in caps still after writing COD). That being said, I haven’t played AC: Brotherhood so I don’t know, but I don’t see much innovation going to happen after “Kill person, get rewarded”. Single-player has tons of chances to innovate. It's whether the game developers and publishers will take the risk

Single-Player will never die, shoehorning online should die.
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