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My #1 most hated game of all time.

I'm usually negative around destructoid. Why? I find it easier to convey negative feelings rather than good feelings, because the negative feelings come at me faster and clearer than normal. I believe it's been a recent thing; me judging every game so harshly. But my #1, most hated game of ALL time, is definitely:

Take a brief view of this image. It's not the best example I have of it, but it works nicely to demonstrate what I'm trying to show.

Not exaggerating at all; Everyone who doesn't pay for this game has a choice of two primary weapons, G21 (I believe...) and the FAMAS. They have more, but they all suck. But what happens when you pay for your weapons? You get:

1. Specialized Characters. These are usually banned in some people's small server because of how unfair they are. For some spare dollars, you get these characters that specialize in one specific element, rather than the default character that sucks at life itself. The picture has an example of one. The female. She runs faster than you can aim. Good luck trying to kill her.

2. Special Equipments. If you don't pay, you have grenades, smoke grenades, mines, and poison gas. If you pay, you get sentry guns, first aids, airstrikes, etc.

3. Special guns that'll rape you in your sleep. As stated earlier, non-payers have a very low selection. Payers, however, have a vast selection of weaponry. Miniguns, for example. Grenade Launchers. Flamethrowers.

4. Annoying/Powerful Power. That sounds dumb. They sell Elite Moderators that can kick anyone for any reason. Three words; Clan war abuse. If your clan starts losing, kick the enemy clan. Problem solved. And that's not it. They sell "Megaphones" on the black market. This allows players to say a message and have it go through the entire server, through all of the rooms, and broadcast to everyone at once. You mix in a terrible gaming community, and you have a lot of people saying;


On to my next list...

2. Permanent Weapons

In Combat Arms, if you buy a weapon with the in-game default currency, you're gun expires after a short while. But if you pay money, you have a chance at getting a permanent weapon, saving you about $25392852038590 in in-game currency. And some of the permanent weapons are stuff like grenade launchers. Forever a noobtuber...

3. Horrid community

I've once met a 30-year old guy in a room asking to meet hot women.

Not even fucking joking. Shit was so fucking desperate.

And again, you may not believe me, but shit. I've yet to meet someone like this in any other game than runescape.

4. You want fancy gun? You can't pay cash? Get Virus!

Nexon supports those surveys you can do to get in-game credit. Shit is filled with viruses. Any game developer that puts that on their website deserves to burn in hell forever. You'd rather me get a virus than not pay. Yeah, well fuck you too Nexon.

5. Half-assed everything.

When you go up a ladder, it looks like you're a fish gasping for air.
When you get crushed by rocks on fireteam, you DROWN.

I literally mean, DROWN. That's the animation you do.

And speaking of Half-assed, their anti-hacking system is utter shit. During the beta, there was the occasional hacker who would knife the wall and kill everyone. Then I played the game after teh beta for a while, got my internet taken away for two and a half years, only to come back and see that hacking was still there in it's same form. And it got even worse. Eliter moderators couldn't kick them!

What it once was.

This depressed me. Before the black market, the game was great. The saying is true, you get what you pay for. Without paying for this game, you get nothing. If you do pay, you get everything. And if you don't pay but want to get NX (The pay-for currency), you do a survey and watch as your pc struggles to breathe when all the viruses give it strep throat.

So basically, if you can get past everyone raping you with their bought hacks from Nexon, and you can get past their horrible community, and get past the fact that animations are terrible everywhere you look, and you can get past the fact it used to be so much better, and get past the fact there's a hacker every other server you join, and if you get past the fact that you can't access half of the maps until you level up, and get past the fact that you'll never be as good as those who hack or pay money, then I guess it's a somewhat terrible game.
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