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Dtoid Chicago December Events: The Quiet Month


Dtoid Chicago has had a quiet start, with only three to four events under the belt. So frantic is my current existence, that I missed my OWN NARP last month with the Room showing. If you guys showed up, thank you so much for contributing to the group and real sorry I couldn't make it. The Nintendo Burlesque was phenomenal and those of you fine folks that popped in to say hello at my Halloween party are much, much appreciated.

So what's going on at the end of 2010? Very little! But that's alright. Because this fledgling little group doesn't need fancy events to have a good time. We can compose our own fun. But that can only happen if you hop on board the Twitter account, Facebook group, or Google Group! Why should you care? Because not only can we organize various bad movie gatherings, but you can also get my address for this upcoming grand shindig:

What: New Year's Eve!
Where: The Lounge (My apartment)
When: December 31st at 9 PM

We're celebrating the end of something so very important. The end of an era of being able to wear those New Years party glasses where the 0's are like eye-holes. And what better place to catch up with the little spark that is Dtoid Chicago than my own spacious apartment? I say spacious not as a brag (Our rent should really be more than it is), but because it means more room to fit more of you fine folks.
So come on by The Lounge and drink some beers, play some Rock Band, and get involved with your city's NARP group that so desperately needs you!
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