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360 FNF: War Is Hell Edition


War Is Hell. Sure, that's what you say now, but wait till your playin' with all ya buddies on Xbox Live and depending on whether your kicking ass or taking it up the moviepoopshoot.com you'll decided how much HELL you're ready to be in for MR. I don't think that made sense.

I guess Vietnam is popular these days. With Call Of Duty releasing recently and Battlefield getting it's own Vietnam expansion, it seems none of us can escape the inevitable time warp that is the 60's/70's. Can't we just Give Peace A Chance man?

With that I present to you, what's on tap...for this Friday Night Fightses.

Xbox 360 Friday Night Fights
December 3rd, 2010

Game: Call Of Duty Black Ops
Host: ME (GT: garethxxgod)
Time: 8pm EDT

Still not tired of marathonin' it around the map while tossing a million bullets into some dude with your MPL? We got'chu covered.

Game: Battlefield Bad Company 2/Red Dead Redemption/Borderlands
Host: Corduroy Turtle (same GT)
Time: 7pm CST (times may vary)

Battlefield Bad Company 2 brings Vietnam into the fold with it's new expansion pack. There many also be some he'hawin' and Loot grabbin' going on.

Game: Halo: Reach
Host: Knutaf (GT: knutaf)
Time: 11:30 EDT

Knutaf holds steady to his unwavering believe that Halo: Reach is the greatest game every to be 'esploded all over a Xbox 360 console. Skorpion Tanks Be Damned!

Game: Left 4 Dead/Red Dead Redemption/Ass Creed Bro Ho/Gears 2
Host: Me (GT: garethxxgod)
Time: 11-12pm EDT

Basically once games end and we all depart, we come here to die..err change up the game. In my heart' O hearts I'd love to get mah Cow-boy on with some of you fine folks in Red Dead Redemption.
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