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Halo Reach: Broble Map Pack (demotivational edition)


Bottom line: the new map packs are fine if you enjoy playing the team games. If you are like me and prefer deathmatch type games, then you might want to rethink the DLC, unless Bungie lets us play free-for-all on the new maps.

You know, I�m almost positive there is no way to play anything but team games with the DLC maps, but if I�m wrong and I�m just overlooking something, I�m going to feel silly.

Also, if anyone has any tips for a Halo noob, please let me know. Like I mentioned before, I feel like I�m almost completely useless with the actual guns because I have such a hard time aiming with the analog stick. Usually the only way for me to get a kill is to punch them or toss a grenade at them. Also, my main powerup is sprint, because it lets me catch up to people who are running away so I can punch them in the back. Any tips would be appreciated.

Stay chill bros.

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