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Shortblog: Epic Mickey: Accessible to nongamers?

A few of you might have read my Epic Mickey Review.

Since I had already written it, I decided to post it on Amazon.com and the reception has been fairly good. However, one comment has thrown me for a loop. It goes:

Great, great review. So, I need your help. . . I have literally never played a home game beyond Wii Resort and Wii Sports. I am, um, sort of getting old. Will I be overwhelmed by this? I barely knew what some of the things (like "bosses") you were talking about. Am I going to get frustrated with the game and "Emma" it onto the barby? Thanks. Play advice for a first-timer is extremely welcome.

I answered to the best I could, but I was still very stumped by this answered.

We gamers take things like moving in 3D, jumping and aiming and for granted. We forget how much weight names like Disney and Mickey Mouse carry that can easily carry interested parties across mediums. We forget that its very much like riding a bike. It might be kind of intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it and you never forget it.

Now that the game has been released. I want you to tell me, is Epic Mickey accessible to nongamers and gamers alike? I honestly can't tell for the life of me. I guess I've experienced gaming at a broad enough spectrum that any tutorial seemed almost excessive to me. I can't even comprehend how it must be towards new players.

Said person went on to buy the game, and it feels very rewarding to have influenced someone based on my honest opinion. Now that the game is out, how do you feel?


Do you think my avatar is adorable? Its my favorite image of Mickey from the game.
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