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I am 22 today.. Another year.. less skills than before.. Also love story?

So after many days of work with almost no time off I decided nothing sounded better than relaxing at home lazing about and playing some Call of Duty online. After a few rounds of Domination and getting destroyed over and over again by players more than likely half my age it set in.

Another year has gone by and my video game skills have only gotten worse.

It is a sad realization that has been sinking in as the years go by, I went from being able to breeze through Contra on 10 lives, or Megaman X in one sit down session with no continues. Now I find my skills on par with.. well.. this:

We're going to Blockbuster.

If there is a heaven, this was it. I could spend hours upon hours reading each box to find the one perfect game to take home with me, if my parents would have let me that is. I have so many fond memories of playing some of my favorite titles of all time thanks to Blockbuster Video. The only thing that held me back was whatever title I took with me I only had 3 days to beat it. Unfortunately there was a time that Blockbuster only allowed 3 day rentals on games and 2 days on new titles, which does not leave you much time to beat a game. Being pushed into a corner I was forced to play on a skill level that forced me to optimize my playtime!

Overall love for what I was doing!: Video games have always been a big part of my life. From the first time I played at the age of 5 it has been a 17 year long love affair. Allowing me to be the super hero, the villain, the race car driver, the pilot, and the list goes on and on. This was an idea that was so awesomely absurd to me then and even now that I still at times have a hard time fully grasping it, and that is okay. I love video games for what they are and the fact that I have received so many hours of enjoyment, learned valuable lessons at times, or been able to experience some of the best stories ever told through an interactive medium.

I could go on all day, but you get the gist.. Though my skills have diminished much over the years my love for video games will live on.
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