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360 FNF: Call Of Dooooooddyyy


Calll Offff Dooooooddddy is a battle cry I sometimes let loose because I used to look down on the franchise. Another silly fucking herp-a-derp army game awash in a sea of herp-a-derp army games. Sure you won't find me going out to get the next Battlefield, but I decided to buy my FIRST Call of Duty game in Black Ops and I'd be remiss in saying I've had no fun playing Call Of Duty. Because it's my first I'm sure is the reason I've enjoyed my Black Ops experience and with most of the regular gang giving Black Ops a miss, won't you join us as we lobbeth thy holy hand grenade at one of us in an attempt to get a kill streak in an attempt to get a tiny remote control car with C4 strapped to it to go blow up some poor schmoe not quick witted enough to see impending doom?

Amongst Call Of Duty: Black Ops we have a ridiculous amount of game choices, from new to old, Black Friday be damned if you don't come away finding a cheaper copy of a game you can play with us RIGHT HERE....RIGHT...ON THE FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS! LOUD NOISES!

I'd like to take a minute though to thank M. Shamalayana Randy Dixon for posting the last few 360 FNF Blogs as I've been extremely lazy and had no computer to post them. So thanks M Randy, for stepping in and...god damnit it's MR ANDY DIXON. HOW FUCKING HARD IS THAT? Either way, let's see what's on tap for this Friday Night....

Xbox 360 Friday Night Fights
November 26th, 2010

Firstly I want to bring to the attention of all that Antwhan would like to host more Gears Of War 2. How cool is that? Be sure to check this shit and join him on some Gears! If he has any changes in mind let me know.

Game: Gears Of War 2
Host: Antwhan (GT: Wast1102)
Time: 7 or 8pm EST

Note: These are a loose guideline of games and times to which you can join up and play. Sadly not every game gets played on the FNF list but keep in mind you can always get back to this thread and host something definitively. Since these are games I'm looking to play, if you wanna join in, send a Friend or Party request to the Gamertag: garethxxgod

Game: Call Of Duty: Black Ops
Time: 8pm EDT

Ahh Call Of Duty, what can be said that hasn't already been said? LAG, ridiculous deaths? People caring about Prestiging? What's not to be mildly entertained by?

Game: Halo: Reach/Red Dead Redemption
Time: 10-11pm EDT

This is where we get into hybrids. I recently picked up Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox 360. I desperately want to ride into the wild west with ALL OF YOU....but some people want to stop that and it's up to US to stop em. Or incase everyone else whines there's Halo. Way to be unimaginative guys.

Game: Left 4 Dead/AC Brotherhood
Time: 12pm-1am EDT

This'll probably be just me and SuperMonk4Ever...and maybe our brothers...ah, whatever It's Left 4 Dead, alot of you clearly need more Left 4 Dead and or possibly Assassin's Creed Brotherhood in your LIVES.


Game: Half-Life 2
Host: Miss Alice Dixon
Time: When I Grow Up

If you want to join us on a game of whatever or you have a game of something you want to host let it be known in the comments! And be sure to tell Andy he has a cute butt...oh wait sorry Occams is pimp slapping me for stealing abit of sexual tension from he and Andy.
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