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C-Blog Interview: Monngoose (Elsa's Husband)

For the uninformed, I recently interviewed Mongoose, one of the coolest people I have ever gotten a chance to interview. I laughed, I cried, I felt patriotic to a country not my own. All in all, good times are within these words and I guarantee that one would feel much more.... solid after reading this.

So you started gaming just a few years ago. How was your initial reaction towards gaming as opposed to now?
When I started gaming I was under the impression that it was kid's stuff, and felt that it was a mindless activity that only people that had no real lives did. Now I know that video games, for the most part, are people's choice of entertainment, no more mindless than watching a sports game, because after all, the outcome of the game or sports game really has no impact in your life. Simply put, video games and the people that play them are as diverse as any group out there. There are some great people, some a-holes and a lot in between.

Your wife got you started on gaming. When did she start gaming and how did she convince you to start? How is it like being married to a gaming wife?
I have no idea when she started, all I know is that I bought her a Dreamcast system one Christmas with all the goodies and at that time it cost a small fortune. I didn't understand the need to do this, but she was keenly interested and I could see she would get countless hours of joy. In actual fact, every penny was well spent. She did not convince me to start. I bought her a PS3 one Christmas which came with Resistance: Fall of Man. The co-op intrigued her but she couldn't play alone... as she needed someone to play "the other guy". She asked me to play it with her and I did. Wouldn't you know it, the competitive nature in me had me bound to try and beat those stupid computer generated chimera! Pretty soon, I was looking forward to playing through each level. As a matter of fact, we gave up our Friday night movie nights and turned it into a gaming night. I fondly look back to the many wonderful hours spent with my wife, screaming at the TV when I screwed up... and gloating with pride when I was able to outperform her.
In conclusion, it's tough. She's so very good and involved in gaming that my chances of being right are slim to none, although when I am right, she is always very happy for me.

How did you get your name?
I play foosball (table soccer) and am quite good. I have attended the Worlds in Vegas and currently could be considered semi-pro. We ran into Canada's top ranked player and he showed us the shot that everyone now uses. It's called the "snake shot". It's pathetically easy to do, but hard to stop. Being from the old school I refused to do the snake shot, and stuck with my pull shot. So when it came to taking a name for foosball forums, I chose "mongoose" as it is the natural enemy of the snake... the name just stuck.

Favorite game? I know you have one.

Favorite Movie Line
"you'll shoot your eye out" from A Christmas Story

If you could punch anyone here on dtoid (or from online gaming) who would it be and why?
I want to punch "God" our OIC from several weeks ago in MAG. He was on platoon broadcast for 30 minutes straight. I have never heard anyone so self centered in all my life. My squad did the punching for me, by showing me how to block "God".

We all know who you would hug here on dtoid, but who else?
Mostly, I would hug the rank and file. I do respect the people who run Dtoid, but most of them get paid to be nice. I find the members to be quite genuine and huggable!

What is your favorite curse word. (Mine is Son of a Bitch. It works on a both "You Son of a Bitch!" and a "Oh Son of a Bitch!" Kind of moments)
"Ah! That's fucking bullshit" Anytime I'm bested, it is always a problem with cheating, lagging, camping, bombing, slashing, spawning - n short, I say my favorite words a lot.

When I grow up, I want to be....
under the sea, in an Octopus's garden, in the shade.

Now that I'm old I can finally...
understand what I forgot.

Never too early to start thinking about Christmas. Want anything?
Yes. [Law's Notes: touch´┐Ż]

If maybe I told you that you might just have one day left to live what would you do?
Starting the moment I woke up I would take Elsa into the master bedroom, close the door, and... and later on, as I slowly died, I will smile.

How did you and Elsa meet?
We met at a dance club through mutual friends. I needed to duck this girl and asked Elsa to dance. She said yes, and away we went.

I heard you've served in the Canadian Armed Forces. How was that like?
I have been in battle twice when I served with the UN overseas. Let me tell you, even though no one was killed, I was scared shitless. I have seen the awesome firepower of a brigade sized live fire exercise, with all elements - air/land involved. This happened at dusk in the middle of the training grounds in Alberta and I shudder to think of what it would be like to be on the receiving end of this explosive energy. It makes you understand the vast gulf between gaming and the real military.

How long have you had your mustache? Is it hard to maintain it? Do you ever consider shaving it? Does it get in the way of day-to-day things?
If I told you how long I've had my mustache, I'd have to kill you. The brotherhood is not compassionate when such matters are made public. Maintenance of mustache"s
are strictly controlled by ancient scrolls passed down from father to son and if not carefully observed will result in the Yosemite Sam Syndrome - YSS which causes such incoherent speech that the ensuing madness is more than one can bear

Do you have a Prized Possession? (Note: Family and Loved Ones Do Not Count)
Yes. My garage and everything in it. It's my manly space with my manly stuff (aka "no girls allowed")

So, you're on a sinking boat and there is one life boat left. There is a young woman, a child (gender neutral), and an Old Man...What do you do? (Note: Not who do you save...you could, just you know....what do you do?)
Going up to the old man, I whisper in his ear "see that hot young blonde woman?.. she's a goer" Going up the young blonde, I whisper in her ear "see that old man, he's a pervert". Going to the young child, I whisper in his/her ear "see that couple, you're related to one of them". In the ensuing confusion, I take the life boat and loiter just off the side of the sinking ship. Whoever survives is the one I want in my lifeboat.

If you were to ask yourself a question what would it be and answer it.
What is the nature of matter? Answer: It is everything and nothing, all at the same time.

-The End.

Elsa's Interview for continuity
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