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Fray: Buildings, Music and CrÍpes.

To celebrate the introduction of French gastronomy to the UNESCO world heritage list (and who doesn't enjoy baguettes, crepes and snails???), here is a progression update to show you guys some of the buildings we are working on for one of the maps in the game, and also let you listen to an extract of the music for the same level.

We are currently working on the level design and fine tuning the gameplay in order to show you screens and vids towards January, but here is a sample of things to come!

So what is ahead of us in the next few weeks? We are going to be filming the Motion Capture next week, so get ready for a video showing 13013 doing stupid stunts and probably hurting himself. We will also do our first internal playtests on the game to stress test our game design (we will probably do a more methodology oriented post on this subject later on), continue post-prod on the teaser trailer and of course work on the level design!

Don't forget, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and of course, track this game on IndieDB to get the latest updates.

Take care!
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