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C-Blog Interviews: Handy

So here it is. My second Irish interview in a week (Irish Interview....sounds like a drinking game : D) Nah, I kid, but as you'll find out, this Interview is full of win. (Like all interviews)

How did you get into blogging, and why here?

I wish I could remember how I found Destructoid, I think maybe it was through HAWP, but I do remember stumbling across it one day and falling in love with all the original content they put out. I read back as far as I could, through Jim�s old sarcastic lists Anthony Birches articles that I pretended I was smart enough to understand, Chad and Colette and everybody else�s posts and I just loved how this place was a collection of people who love games first and foremost and never took themselves too seriously.
Then I ventured into the c-blogs and realized that they let anybody do this. So I lurked around for a while and saw everybody discussing things maturely, having a laugh, turning failblogs into works of art, and the too many to number examples of community awesomeness, then eventually I decided that I wanted to try and be a part of that.
Tl;dr � Handy�s super gay and Destructoid�s awesome.

How did you get your name and avatar?

Actually my nickname has always been Handy due to the unfortunate second name of Hand, and don�t bother making a joke because I HAVE HEARD EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! So basically every time I meet someone new it takes them about five minutes to say �Can you give me a hand� or �you must be pretty handy �round the house� or the classic �ha ha, hand-job�. It�s kind of strange that I could have made up any name any name I wanted when I joined the site but I still went with Handy to spite how much I hate it�.I knew I should have picked XxxVelociraptorJesusxxX
As for my avatar, weeeeell I don�t know if I�ve mentioned this before but I rather like Valkyria Chronicles, and I chose Welkin because I feel he�s one of the few game protagonists who�s generally just a nice guy, he�s not out for revenge or trying to save the world, he�s just a guy who wants the war to end and live his life. Plus he looks fabulous in that hat.

If you could call a country your home, what country would it be?

I would call it The Republic of Handonia, but until my master plan goes into motion I would say Ireland.

Favorite game? I know you have one.

It changes on a day to day basis, usually back and forth between Valkyria Chronicles and Persona 4, today I�m feeling very P4ish. I�ll try not to gush too much but yeah, that game is amazing, it�s been said a thousand times on the c-blogs by people much more eloquent than me but the story is great, it�s just so different from what you usually see, and the characters eat steak and fight with folding chairs and it�s incredible.

Favorite Movie Line

Baby, you make me wish I had three hands!

Fanart flops...game porn...tell me, how much eye bleach do you buy a week?

Actually I�ve found most brands of eye bleach aren�t very effective and a bit of a rip-off, so I usually just dip my contact lenses in Toilet Duck.

So you're from Ireland huh? Did you know Korea has been called the Ireland of Asia? We're like brothers!

Come to think of it, we are both countries that were at some point colonized by the much larger nations next to us, and when our economies started booming they were called the Celtic Tiger and the Asian Tiger respectively, and I have heard Koreans like the drink too, and there�s always trouble up north for both of us�Holy shit they are similar!

Valkyria Chronicles; Great game or Greatest game? Also how do you like number 2 and the PSP? It didn't work out too well for me.

Greatest game! Those who disagree may challenge me to pistols at dawn! I still can�t justify buying a PSP just for VC2, but the PSP�s lineup is starting to look pretty good so I may cave in soon. I�ve basically told myself that as soon as they announce Persona 3 Portable for Europe I�ll get one.
I�m not mad about the direction VC2 took but I�ll give it the benefit of the doubt �till I play it, VC3�s story has me way more interested though. In the end, I�m just glad they didn�t let it die, and maybe if we keep our fingers crossed (berate Sega) it just might come back to consoles.

So what's up with Ireland? Are they an independent country or what? (Politically unaware)

We�re independent, nothing much going on right now but debt and a huge storm that�s about to hit us, everyone�s complaining but I�m kind of enjoying it. It�s lashing rain outside and I�m curled up with New Vegas and Vanquish.

If you could punch anyone here on dtoid who would it be and why?

Bigmoose85. Cause he�s just a dick. (Law's Notes: I guess it's....hunting season. YEAAAAAAHHHHH)

If you could hug anyone on dtoid who would it be and why?

I wish I had Mr. Tickle�s arms so I could hug you all at once!

Occams and Stevil totally have a "thing", who else on dtoid do you suspect have "things".

I totally saw Beyamor and GoldenGamerXero walking out of the same bathroom stall once.

When I grow up, I want to be....

When I grow up, I wanna be famous

I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies

When I grow up, I wanna see the world

Drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies

Seriously though, Emperor of Handonia.

Now that I'm old I can finally...

Complain about how saggy my balls have gotten. Gah, it�s like my knees are playing Ping-Pong down there.

So the Last Airbender was a huge dump, anything else you were disappointed by in the last year?

Umm, not much really, I didn�t find God of War 3 that impressive for all the hype it got, I�m also disappointed my PS3 died , taking all my saves, a load of trophies, and my ability to play PS2 games right when I was in the middle of playing through the Digital Devil Saga games too.

If maybe I told you that you might just have one day left to live what would you do?

Go on a shooting spree with a copy of GTA4 in my pocket. Because if I can�t play games anymore, nobody can.

Christmas is coming soon...do anything special with the family?

Not really, just the usual, not that I don�t love it. It has become a bit of a tradition for me to go to a game shop and stock up with about three or four games while I�m doing my Christmas shopping. I think I deserve a treat.

Do you have a Prized Possession? (Note: Family and Loved Ones Do Not Count)

My stuffed lion Hobbes, when I got him they were out of tigers but I was already set on calling him Hobbes. I�ve had him since I was about six and he still takes up some prime real estate in my room.

Quick! Which wire do you cut? Red of Blue? C'mon, We don't have time man!

They�re all yellow! OH SHI� *runs away and jumps in slow motion as bomb explodes behind*

I don't want to ask another question, you ask one...also answer it.

What the hell is a hipster, seriously people keep using that word and have no clue what they�re talking about?

Good question Handy, you handsome devil. I really don�t know, I thought I knew what one was but it turns out I was thinking of beatniks, now I�m afraid to learn in case I am one.

(Law's Notes: Bonus points for those who can make a flag for the Republic of Handonia)
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