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Shortblog: Question to everyone about this console generation

I've notice a few people on the internet talking about the Wii. Some of them trolls, some of them not. Some of them hilariously entertaining trolls, and other..not. Anyway, many of them state that the Wii's very inferior hardware to the PS3 and XBox360 limits the gaming experiences it can offer. That the experiences it can provide are inferior because it isn't keeping up with the advances made this generation.

This provoked a mini revelation in me. Before this generation every new generation of consoles created a paradigm shift in game design. Aside from improved graphics and HD, what are the console games of today providing that the consoles last generation were absolutely unable?

Yes, there have been advances in gaming. Motion control, online gaming, indie games and downloadable content really took off this generation. All of those are advances but they haven't resulted in the massive changes in game design as seen in each previous generation.

Did gaming plateau last generation? I'm not trying to be preachy here, but I'm actually wracking my brain trying to think of how this generation has improved upon the last one. What do you think?
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